Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs


Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs

There are literally hundreds of personal finance blogs worldwide. For this list, we borrowed from the “Top 100+ Personal Finance Blogs” list of, which ranked more than 200 blogs based on traffic – a pretty good measure of popularity. We got the top 10 and here’s what we think.

1. Consumerist

What’s good: It’s produced by Consumers Union, the publisher of the ultimate buyer’s guide Consumer Reports, so you can expect objective, well-research information. Although run by a bunch of professional editors, it doesn’t take itself too seriously (see entries like “Cops Find “Ball of Pubic Hair” in Wendy’s Sandwich, Act Surprised”). Besides, it’s the 38th most popular blog in the world.

What’s bad: It suffers from too many categories (although some titles are a lot of fun, e.g. Evil, Badvertising, and WCIA, which stands for Worst Company in America) and confusing navigation. While there are tips on buying and saving money, it’s largely a consumer alert service.

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Recommendation: Browse it


What’s good: Run by a couple of bloggers with a pool of writers, it is very much a great resource for savings tips, with categories such as Cars, Credit Cards, Health, Shopping, and Travel. Beyond the blog, it features forums, newsletters, calculators, forums, and blogs of other members.

What’s bad: There’s too much going on, so just stick to the blog if you want to keep it simple.

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Recommendation: Browse it

3. Wise Bread

What’s good: A money-saving blog run by a community of 21 bloggers, it covers five main areas – Personal Finance, Frugal Living, Career and Income, Life Hacks, and Deals and Coupons – and several sub-categories under each. The diversity of bloggers makes for an interesting mix of views and advice. Plus the interface and navigation are clean.

What’s bad: There’s little to dislike, except maybe it lacks the quirkiness of individual, truly personal blogs.

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Recommendation: Bookmark it

4. The Simple Dollar

What’s good: Written by a 20-something guy named Trent Hamm who went through his own financial meltdown but has gotten back on track, it’s full of practical tips based on his personal experience. Most of the entries are written in the format of itemized tips, making for easy reading. And the obscure pop culture reference makes it a fun read.

What’s bad: Too many categories.

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Recommendation: Bookmark it

5. Bargaineering

What’s good: Started by then fresh graduate Jim Wang, and how co-written with two contributors, the blog is a mix of financial news, personal accounts, and money tips under three simple categories – Banking, Credit Cards, and Frugal Living. A new interesting category is Devil’s Advocate, a contrarian view of conventional financial advice.

What’s bad: Advice from someone in his mid-twenties with no financial background can come off as a little unsure sometimes, especially in the defensive tone on some of his Devil’s Advocate entries.

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Recommendation: Browse it

6. My Money Blog

What’s good: One of the earliest personal finance blogs, it belongs to a subset of anonymous bloggers who actually post their financial information and track their progress toward financial freedom (net worth at $213,190, from practically zero when he started the blog in 2004). You get to see his investment portfolio, learn from his mistakes, enjoy the numerous interesting charts, and be inspired by his progress.

What’s bad: It’s a solid, all-around personal finance blogs, so there’s nothing to quibble about.

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Recommendation: Bookmark it

7. The Digerati Life

What’s good: Here’s a woman’s take on personal finance (from the point of view of a Silicon Valley software engineer, although she has since turned pro-blogger full-time). You’ll find entries you’d rarely find elsewhere, like “The Economics of Cosmetics” and “How to Look Good on a Budget.” Plus there’s a good coverage of career and entrepreneurship topics.

What’s bad: Despite the title, there’s little in the way of life hacks using technology, something you’d expect from a techie.

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Recommendation: Bookmark it

8. Consumerism Commentary

What’s good: A pioneer in personal finance blogging, Flexo started the blog to hold himself accountable for his finances. Now working with an associate editor, the site has grown and so has his net worth (from $13,150 in 2003 to the current $207,307). The topics cover banking, work, credit cards, investing, and saving, among other topics.

What’s bad: As with heavily-trafficked blogs of pro-bloggers, the ads can be distracting.

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Recommendation: Browse it

9. Five Cent Nickel

What’s good: While many personal finance bloggers are single or married without kids, here you get the perspective of a family man with four kids. That shows in categories like Family & Life and House & Home.

What’s bad: There seems to be too many tax entries (not relevant to us), more than any other topic.

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Recommendation: Browse it

10. Get Rich Slowly

What’s good: It’s fairly new but it’s one of the best out there. Another of the financial journey genre, Money magazine has called it the most inspiring money blog.

What’s bad: Can’t find anything to complain about.

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Recommendation: Bookmark it

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