About Us


MoneySense is published by MoneyTree Publishing Corporation, founded by a team of veterans in business and finance journalism. Together, we have a combined editorial and publishing experience of close to 50 years. We founded the company on the belief that there are untapped markets even in the already competitive magazine industry. In a sea of me-too publications, there is a need for practical and useful information in other areas relevant to Filipino consumers. And we are strongly positioned to meet that need.


MoneySense is written for middle and upper-middle income readers who want to know about the best ways to earn, save, spend, borrow, invest, and protect their money. For many, personal finance is anything but common sense. There’s a myriad of financial and consumer products to choose from and never-ending financial decisions to make. Our mission is to help readers become more financially literate and financially savvy. Hence our tagline: Save, spend, and invest wisely.


Roberto de Ocampo
Chairman of the Board

Former Publisher
Elena Torrijos

Alexander Torrijos

Managing Director
Jay-Anne Encarnado

Heinz Bulos