Every issue, MoneySense will focus on a specific theme that addresses a timely area of personal finance, such as spending for education, planning for a vacation, hedging against a down economy, or preparing for retirement. The cover will profile well-known personalities, which would include entrepreneurs, celebrities, professionals, etc., looking into how they’ve become financially successful and how they manage their money. Other features will include stories of ordinary people who have made smart—and wrong—financial decisions, and then there will be special reports on issues and trends affecting our financial lives.

Frequency: Bi-monthly
Size: 8 ½ in x 11 in
Binding: Perfect
Readership: 50,000
Newsstand Price: P150


Easy Money: Quick tips, reviews, and quizzes
Expert Advice: Columns of of financial experts
My Money Story:Personal stories of individuals and families who have dealt successfully with money issues
Savvy Investor: Investing primers and investment funds
Income Earner: Business opportunities and career advice
The Bottom Line: A guide to financial products and services in the market
Smart Spender: A consumer guide on and comparison of consumer products
Index: A bulletin of the recent news, latest products, updated statistics, and leading indicators on each major sector of consumer finance
Here’s a Final Tip: Money advice from a well-known personality or financial expert

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