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Supercharge Your Financial Goals This 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Manulife Asia Care Survey reports that nearly one in five Filipinos have lost jobs and income, – with 79% saying that they will only have savings good for a year at most. While stimulation checks or “ayuda” may be helpful, they are not enough.

In response to Filipinos’ needs to save and invest so they can better manage their financial well-being, one of the country’s leading global life insurance firms, Manulife Philippines, offers new ways for customers to take control of their finances with affordable and customizable financial products that can give them a boost to secure their future.

It recently launched an innovative variable life insurance plan (VUL insurance) that provides multiple rewards and bonuses to accelerate the growth of your funds. You can also secure every stage of your life by maximizing coverage that can be adjusted according to your priorities and goals. Learn more about the exciting benefits of the new Manulife FutureBoost by clicking this link.

Manulife FutureBoost

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