Our primary readers are affluent professionals, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to know about managing their money, from investing and insurance to tax planning and retirement.

We have a secondary audience of middle-income employees, including overseas Filipino workers, who want to have a better handle on their personal finances and are interested in earning, saving, borrowing, and spending wisely.

The demographics of our target readers are:

Male: 50%, Female: 50%
Age: 25 to 65 years old
Education: College
Annual household income: P360,000 and up


Our readers describe MoneySense as:

  • Easy to understand, non-technical, no-nonsense
  • Timely and relevant to the local context
  • Educational and informative
  • Delightful, incredible, important, a blessing, an inspiration, a must-read, a sense of fulfillment

MoneySense makes readers:

  • Learn actively about financial products
  • Read everything from cover to cover, including ads
  • Collect and keep every single issue, including all back issues, for reference
  • Tell others about it and order gift subscriptions
  • Take action on their personal finances
  • Achieve their financial goals


“…never have I encountered over the years such an informative and insightful reading material that truly understands the Filipino thinking, attitude, and way of life towards money and personal finances.” – Steven Lim

“Finally, a magazine that truly caters to the average Joe–or should I say Juan…and have noticed that there is not really one good personal finance magazine back home that will help the average Juan Dela Cruz decipher the sometimes dizzying world of personal finance.” – Nick Gonzales

“I’ve always wished that someone would develop a local version of Kiplinger and Money–both being too technical, unfortunately–so imagine my delight when I found a copy of MoneySense.” – Slim

“Your magazine is a real blessing, an inspiration for fresh grads like me who are aspiring for great things in their career.” – Anna Belmonte

“I learned a lot from reading MoneySense particularly about insurance and HMOs. This is a must-read for people who wish to improve their financial standing.” – E. Perua

“I was very happy to see the Money and Marriage issue of MoneySense. And I must say, things are getting better every issue!” – Nick Galvez

“I read your magazine through a friend of mine and it blew my mind! This is the magazine I’ve been looking for!” – Sam Askme

“I am trying to guide my wife to begin understanding them. MoneySense have helped me in this front because my wife likes reading your mag. I have subscribed to a lot of finance journals, but it seems MoneySense is the one that connects to her.” – Rey Palacio

“I think MoneySense will help me achieve my goal to be financially literate and retire early.” – Genedine

“I love your magazine. It is highly informative and very helpful in managing my finances. I have been collecting every issue for reference.” – Karen Evanoso

“Your magazine gives me a sense of fulfillment – learning things I should have learned long, long time ago.” – Sam Gaviola

“I chanced upon a 2007 issue of your magazine in one of the coffee shops in Makati and I find it very informative. It is really a very good reference for a non-finance guy like me.” – June Tumamao

“I did not hesitate to use again my credit card for the purchase even though it was still reeling from post-Sinulog splurge, because I know it will be worth it… the information you’re giving us, especially on financial instruments, is truly educational and no nonsense.” – Marvin Malabanan

“I found the articles exciting, quite inspired, and very inspiring. It was for me like ‘the FHM of money magazines,’ if you will forgive the analogy.” – D. Enriquez

“This is the first time I finished reading a magazine from cover to cover. This really got my attention!” – Ranilo Pasana

“My friend showed several MoneySense magazines from last year and I’m interested to get all issues from last year and likewise subscribe for this year. I think your magazine is really important and timely in my life and in every Filipino’s life.” – Eugene Loretizo

“I just really love to complete my collection from the day I started buying your magazine.” – Kim Lim

“I’m reading every detail of the pages, even the sponsors’ pages!” – Joyce Ney

“It was a very timely discovery because at that time, I was keen on getting to know more about mutual funds, UITFs, etc.” – Julius Cruz

“It’s an incredible magazine – lots of practical tips for everybody. In fact, I am thinking of getting a gift subscription (one year) for a friend of mine who is a doctor but is only beginning to have some money sense.” – Jennifer De los Reyes

“Your magazine has drawn my attention to focus and learn more about my own money sense. And since I’m a resident of Saudi Arabia, how much would it cost me if you’ll send it to me here?” – Erwin Fayez Bautista