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MoneySense Q4 2023 Features Charmel Delos Santos

MoneySense Q4 2023 Features Charmel Delos Santos

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The many roles of stock trader, IT consultant, and book author Charmel Delos Santos


It’s rare to be successful in multiple domains, but Charmel Delos Santos makes it seem easy. A highly experienced IT consultant in the corporate sector for many years, she became a full-time investor in the stock market. Now, she balances both endeavors. On top of that, the former beauty queen is also a book author, public speaker, and, most importantly, mom of three teens.

The transition from coding to charting may seem like a leap, but it was a natural evolution for Charmel. She recognized the need to diversify her skills in a world where technology evolves at breakneck speed. What started as a curiosity about financial markets gradually transformed into a passion for deciphering the language of stocks.

“When you approach an average individual, someone who isn’t immersed in specialized knowledge, they can grasp certain business concepts simply because they engage in commerce as consumers,” she says. “Every purchase represents participation in the commercial landscape, whether as a buyer or a customer. Expanding on this notion, my career in information technology took flight, drawing from my background in business analysis. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked across diverse industries such as telecommunications, government, education, construction, finance, and healthcare. This discipline has allowed me to contribute meaningfully to various sectors.”

She continues, “My journey into IT began at a young age, coinciding with my involvement in the family’s export business. This early exposure provided insights into foreign exchange (forex) markets. I initially ventured into trading within the forex domain while working at a forex trading firm. Given the fast-paced nature of forex, I later shifted my focus to stocks. Stocks presented a more tangible application of my understanding of business dynamics. Unlike the swift movements of foreign exchange, the stock market offered a space to delve deeper into the intricate dynamics of businesses, further enhancing my trading acumen.”

Charmel, thus, embraced the challenge of financial markets with the same logical mindset she applied to debugging code. She delved into the intricacies of trading, learning not just about financial ratios and market indicators but also the subtle art of market psychology. The analytical skills honed in IT seamlessly translated into decoding market patterns and anticipating price movements.

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MoneySense Q4 2023 Features Charmel Delos Santos


MoneySense Q4 2023 Features Charmel Delos Santos


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