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MoneySense Quarter 1 2017 Issue

MoneySense Quarter 1 2017 issue features Eric Lustre, President and CEO of PAMI, p. 34.

“The Philippine population definitely has the capacity and interest to invest in investment funds,” says Eric Lustre, President and Chief Executive Officer of Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI). “We’ve seen the rise in demand of stocks and bonds which means a lot of the Filipino people have disposable income. We just need to put in more effort in educating our fellow countrymen of the benefits of investing early, giving up a little bit of today’s wants for a more prosperous future.”

MoneySense Quarter 1 2017 Table of Contents

Cover Stories

PAMI: Helping Filipinos Achieve Their Life Goals

Where to Invest in 2017: Profitable Moves in a Challenging Market

The Psychology of Investing: 9 Behavioral Mistakes to Avoid Losing Money

How to Go Global Investing


How to Choose a Stock Market Broker

Best Investing Website and Apps

Pooled Funds vs Direct Investing

Interview with John Mangun, Stock Market Guru

A Primer on ETFs

My Money Story: Taking A Huge Risk (Romnick Sarmienta)

My Money Story: A Dream Fulfilled (Milo Anzo)

My Money Story: An Agri Business Solution (Dexter Villamin)


Stock Market 101: Value Investing

Real Estate 101: Choosing the Right Investment Property


How to Spot the Best Fitness Deals

MoneySense First Quarter 2017 Issue

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