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L-R Dr. Milagros Ong-How Executive Vice President of Universal Harvester Inc. (2nd to the left), Gerardo Esteban from Brgy. III Laur, Nueva Ecija was named The Outstanding Farmer of the Year at Makati Shangri-la in Makati City, and the rest of the nominees.

On its 4th year, TOFARM Film Festival once again provides awards to people in the industry of the agriculture who embodies values that brings the sector to another level, whether by doing their work with extraordinary passion and gusto, or by initiating projects that stands for innovation and trends in this ever changing industry. The said awards night was held at Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri-la hosted by the same company that drives the agricultural revolution in the country, Universal Harvester Inc.

TOFARM stands for The Outstanding Farmers of the Philippines. It is the brain child of Dr. Milagros How, the executive vice president of Universal Harvester Inc., which came to life after picking up inspiration from her day to day dealings with different people and workers in the agriculture. “Our kababayans in the field exemplify passion and dedication that I haven’t seen in so many industries. They till the lands, risk their lives in reaping resources from the waters of our island, invest their skills in producing poultry, not just for livelihood but to also provide a feast for the whole country. So we thought, why not celebrate this through a simple awards night to tell them, and remind them, that the fruits of their labor is much appreciated. This is the heart of TOFARM”, said Dr. Milagros How when asked what the project was all about.

The agricultural revolution which is the ultimate mission of this project also aims to inspire people to not just notice but understand the ins and outs of the industry – patronize local produce, promote responsible food consumption including minimizing food wastage and getting the young ones involved in this most important sector of the country. Recruitment of people and boosting interest in agricultural adventure is what TOFARM also aims to spread to the public. Enlightening everyone to see beyond what people think they know about agriculture, turning it around to open the public’s eyes in how hard and exciting agricultural talk and business could be is something that the team is also working on.

TOFARM has since also evolved to become more than just an award giving body. It also aims to lift the whole agricultural industry through public awareness. Some related projects includes a Film Festival and a Song Writing Competition. For more information about this, you may visit or check out their facebook site TOFARM Film Festival Philippines. For inquiries you may also send an email to

Let’s all celebrate the largest industry in the country. Support TOFARM.


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