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“With our ISO certification, cutting edge filtration technology, and regular and stringent store examinations we can assure our consumers that we offer high quality water, especially compared with independent water stations that may not have the same quality standards.”

Aquabest the country’s premier water refilling franchise is poised to continue its expansion with the opening of its first condominium based water station.

The store located at the SM Sea Residences condominium complex located in Macapagal Avenue is part of the company’s efforts to tap emerging communities. The company intends to open stores in other SMDC developments such as SM Blue Residences.

Condominium complexes with hundreds and even thousands of residential units have been springing up all over Metro Manila thanks to a combination of favorable economic conditions.  Paul Tan, Aquabest’s Marketing Manager says the company expects these stores to drive growth as more and more condominium and housing projects are built. These developments he says would generate new markets that would benefit its existing and potential franchisees.

“The property industry’s robust growth driven by strong inflows of foreign remittances from OFW’s coupled with a growing local market with increased purchasing power because of favorable economic conditions will definitely allow us to grow not just our franchise network but also our consumer base as more and more people move into existing and emerging urban centers” says Tan.

He notes that despite strong competition in the water refilling industry, Aquabest would be able to maintain and even expand its market position as the issue of water safety and quality becomes more and more important. The continued growth in population especially in cities have taxed existing water pipelines giving rise to renewed concerns over water safety and quality in Metro Manila.


  • Nicholas De Guzman

    I am interested on franchising aquabest and open if possible at grass residence smdc condo in north avenue..pls advice

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