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Vertiv’s Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS: The Best Tech Gift to Buy for Yourself

The good thing about living in the 21st century is that we have access to different technologies that will help us improve our lives. In the things we do, from ordering food to riding public transport, there will always be some high-tech tools and devices we can use to make these tasks easier and safer to do.  

That is why most of us want to treat ourselves with an exceptional device that can help us live a convenient and practical life. In this fast-paced tech world, we always want to get our hands on the latest tool in the market.  

However, it is time to drop those cliché items like wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and portable charges. It is better to give yourself something unique yet useful for your new goals. 

Luckily, Vertiv is here to offer the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS, the most efficient power protection for small and home offices that are perfect for students, business owners, professionals, and families. The Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS is an efficient uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution specifically designed for small and home offices. Equipped with universal sockets, a mobile charger, and a compact design, the Liebert® PSA itON-SOHO line-interactive UPS protects vital equipment in every usage. 

Here are the reasons why you should consider getting the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS as a gift for yourself: 

Protects your sensitive electronic equipment 

From small to medium-sized businesses, even to appliances at home, the availability of critical IT infrastructure is essential. Without reliable power protection, you risk equipment breakdowns and interruptions. 

This is precisely what the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS can offer to you. It is a reliable line-interactive UPS with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that allows flexibility and reliability for any sensitive electronic equipment. Its built-in Boost and Buck lessens the risk of experiencing surges, spikes, dips, and failures in electricity. 

Perfect for work-from-home professionals, students, business owners, and more 

In today’s time, where almost every tool is used with electricity, everyone can utilize the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS. The UPS is made to benefit desktop PCs, professional workstations, small routers, bridges and hubs, point-of-sale terminals, and small office applications.  

If you are a work-from-home professional or a student, the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS ensures an uninterrupted power supply that provides AC overload protection. At the same time, it has universal sockets, which makes the device flexible. It also has a designated space for larger power plugs. Furthermore, you can use the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS as your reliable charging port because it has a USB port charge (for 650VA &850VA models) that has fast and safe charging capabilities. It can power up electronic peripherals like routers, modems, wireless storage devices, and even smartphones.  

If you are a business owner, its fuse protection feature ensures your business continuously goes up and running. It is compact and lightweight, making it easier to carry from one establishment to another. It has overload protection and an alarm and surge protector against transient voltages to protect your devices against unpredictable power surges. These features are essential to safeguard all your devices every day. 

The best gift you can offer to yourself is to provide protection on your devices and efficiency for your different endeavors. Thus, Vertiv will continue to provide solutions for everyone to promote responsible technological growth.  

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