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Aboitiz Construction partners with Fragile to Agile to pursue Digital Transformation

In line with the Aboitiz Group’s Great Transformation growth strategy to become the Philippines’ first Techglomerate, Aboitiz Construction inked a partnership with visionary consultants Fragile to Agile (F2A) to help design the digital transformation roadmap of the Aboitiz Group’s construction arm.

“We are embarking towards a transformational journey because we envision a company where 100 percent of our processes are digitized. Our consulting engagement with Fragile to Agile will help us propel towards becoming the top-of-mind construction company in the country,” Aboitiz Construction Executive Director Antonio Peñalver said.

The engagement will begin on Monday, January 23, setting Aboitiz Construction up for a transformative year.

Through the partnership, the enterprise architecture created will significantly increase Aboitiz Construction’s agility in the construction and maintenance business segments. 

The Group’s Great Transformation is driven by transformed team members. The consulting engagement involves a series of interviews, capability-building sessions, and discussions with relevant team leaders and team members. F2A will also design a transformational roadmap to guide Aboitiz Construction executives and team leaders in enabling quick, low-risk, and low-cost adaptations to new problems. This means that the construction firm will be empowered to connect its enterprise architecture to the achievement of measurable business goals.

Fragile to Agile is an international enterprise, business, and solution consultant. They previously worked with the Aboitiz Group to drive the successful digital transformations of AboitizPower and the Group’s integrated agribusiness and food subsidiary Pilmico.

Leading up to this milestone partnership, Aboitiz Construction has been improving its operations by bringing automated equipment and other high-technology tools to implement projects and improve the skills of its workforce. 

At Aboitiz Construction, all initiatives are aligned with the wider Group’s mission of advancing businesses and communities. This is done through the promotion of economic growth by providing livelihood opportunities and by helping other businesses to thrive. To enable its growth and expansion, Aboitiz Construction has been focusing on projects in the industrial, infrastructure, and maintenance fields. 

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