Manulife’s brand ambassador Anne Curtis says being a goal maker can empower more Filipinos to secure a better future.

You can’t be ‘self-made’ alone, as it requires finding the right team to work, learn, and grow with, so you can maximize your potential. For multi-faceted A-lister and Manulife brand ambassador Anne Curtis, fulfilling your dreams is not impossible if you are focused on your goals, and have the much-needed support to achieve them.

As wife to content creator and creative director Erwan Heussaff and mother to two-year-old Dahlia, Anne shared how her priorities have evolved — thinking more about her family than herself, especially when making financial decisions. Her mindset has become almost selfless, focused on building a beautiful future for the people who matter to her.

“I am happy that my personal advocacies go hand-in-hand with my partnership with Manulife. I love how they really brought out the “Anne with a Plan” in me, especially now as my life and family goals continue to evolve and grow. My family has become my top priority, and my focus is to ensure that we are ready to face whatever the future holds while living our lives to the fullest,” Anne said.

 “I encourage Filipinos to be goal makers — have the courage to reach for your dreams and become more financially empowered to get the future that you want,” she added. “By learning to save, finding creative ventures to help augment your income, and securing insurance and investment policies, you can seize every opportunity to be a step closer to your financial goals.”

Anne had been taught the importance of being financially smart, having started in the entertainment industry at a young age. “I learned early on that I must work hard to get what I want. My parents taught me the value of hard-earned money when I started earning — malaki na noon ‘yung Php1,000, my first paycheck. It made me realize the value of hard work. Along the way, you also want to make sure that what you’ve worked hard for all these years, may mapupuntahan.  I am glad that Manulife has always been there to guide me on how to maximize my hard-earned money, and sustain financial stability and growth, so I can better prepare for my future and that of my family.”

To help Filipinos make more informed financial decisions by being goal makers, Manulife has developed a way to help consumers identify which life and health insurance products best fit their priorities, life stages, and goals. “We at Manulife want to support every Filipino, wherever you are in your life journey, and make your everyday better. To this end, we’ve aligned our insurance solutions with Filipinos’ most common life goals. Whether you are someone who wants coverage to help with expenses if you fall ill; a parent who wants to plan for your children’s future; a professional who wants to save for retirement; or an entrepreneur protecting your business and employee well-being, we have a plan for you,” said Melissa Henson, Chief Marketing Officer, Manulife Philippines.

Anne added: “I was a policyholder years before I became their brand ambassador, so I have a long-standing relationship with Manulife. With Manulife as my financial partner, I know I am always protected, no matter what life may bring.”

“It won’t happen anytime soon but planning for retirement is also on my mind. Some might view it as slowing down, but I view retirement as an opportunity to explore new interests and adventures. While I have my businesses and investments, I plan on getting a Manulife retirement policy to support my dreams for that stage of my life. I encourage everyone to get a retirement plan while young because you only need to set aside a small amount regularly, and see your investments grow.”

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