SLAMCI launches campaign against investment scams

Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) is taking a stand against investment scams by launching a multi-media campaign dubbed “Slam the Scam.”


This is SLAMCI’s response to the need to address increasing concerns regarding the proliferation of investment scams, wherein investors are lured into investing a significant amount of money with the promise of huge, quick returns. However, they end up penniless as a result of giving in to these anomalous schemes.

“Anybody could be a victim, unless they know what to look out for. This is why we’re launching ‘Slam the Scam,’” said SLAMCI President Valerie Pama. “Financial literacy has always been Sun Life’s advocacy, and as the company’s mutual funds manager, we are taking on the task of raising awareness about investment scams.”

Slam the Scam” will share tips on what to consider when choosing an investment company, as well as red flags on dubious organizations. These tips will also be demonstrated in practical situations to make it more relatable for the audience, who will be able to access the campaign via print, radio, television, and digital platforms.

SLAMCI has enlisted the help of actor and athlete Matteo Guidicelli to be the campaign’s voice as a financial literacy advocate.

“Matteo manages and invests his money wisely. He understands how important it is to entrust one’s money with a company that has a good record and integrity, as well as the value of investing for the long-term. He is the perfect advocate for this campaign,” Pama said.


For his part, Matteo is keen on the opportunity to promote an important cause. “It’s a chance for me to use my reach to help out our hard-working kababayans so that they won’t get victimized. Sadly, there are a lot of such groups out there now, so it’s really important that we raise awareness about this issue,” he said.

The campaign’s initial salvo has Matteo starring in a series of videos, sharing tips on how to spot an investment scam.

“Investment scams rob Filipinos not just of their hard-earned money, but also of their chance to create a brighter future for themselves and their families. We want to raise awareness among our kababayans, so they can guard themselves against groups with criminal intents, and instead find

one with integrity and a good record,” Pama said. “After all, protecting one’s money is just as important as finding the right investment partner.”

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