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Sun Life Grepa’s new campaign encourages Filipinos to take positive steps towards a brighter tomorrow

As we move up to the different phases in our lives, our definition of a brighter future becomes more concise and tangible. Whether it’s moving into your dream house, starting your own family, opening your business, or enjoying a comfortable retirement, life will always be better and brighter when you have the courage to begin and have the right partner who can guide you through the complexities of a financial journey. This is the inspiration behind Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc.’s (Sun Life Grepa) newest campaign. 

In line with its mission to help every Filipino achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives, Sun Life Grepa, one of the major insurers in the country, has recently rolled out its latest campaign entitled “Bright Beginnings”. It reinforces the value of starting a financial plan that can help clients have control over their finances and give them a boost to secure a brighter future for themselves and their families.   

“Financial planning is an ongoing process to achieve our short and long-term goals. As we progress through life’s stages, our goals can shift. A person in their 20s will have a very different perspective of a brighter life than someone in their 60s,” Sun Life Grepa President Richard S. Lim said. “No matter what stage you are in your life right now, reaching your goals is always possible when you start a financial plan. Like any solid relationship, Sun Life Grepa can be your partner who can guide you and celebrate with you throughout this journey.”  

Through its wide range of financial solutions, Sun Life Grepa can help clients meet their financial needs for every important stage in their lives – from protecting their income and ensuring continuity no matter what happens, saving up to make their dreams come true, coming home for good, growing in their profession, future-proofing their business, up to building and protecting estate for the next generations. Furthermore, Sun Life Grepa has over 1,000 financial advisors nationwide to guide clients on the many financial products available in the market. Sun Life Grepa financial advisors also offer free consultation and can help develop a personalized plan to take one through all of life’s stages and assist clients in making sound financial decisions which is key to achieving lifetime financial security.  

“We can never really predict what the future holds for us. But we believe that the best time to start is always today, and Sun Life Grepa is always here to provide clients with the right tools and support so they can look forward to a better, brighter future,” Lim added.

Richard Lim, President at Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc.

Begin your financial journey today and celebrate it with Sun Life Grepa. Because a brighter future starts with bright beginnings. For more information, go to //, contact your Sun Life Grepa advisor, visit any Sun Life Grepa branch, or email    

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Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. or Sun Life Grepa is a joint venture between the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) and Sun Life Philippines (Sun Life). Sun Life Grepa offers financial protection products through its agency, bancassurance, and group account channels. YGC is one of Southeast Asia’s largest conglomerates with over 90 companies, while Sun Life has been a top player in the Philippine market for over 120 years.

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