MGI invests in new-shared space dining concept, Burgos Eats

Understanding the urban Filipinos distinct dining preferences, Max’s Group, Inc. (MGI) is now venturing into the lifestyle hotspot that is Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City to introduce its pioneering shared space, multi-format dining concept, Burgos Eats.

Max’s Group Inc. (MGI) is looking to sustain the momentum of its impressive business performance this year as it grows its loved food brands by venturing into a new form of multi-brand retail dining format that makes use of a shared space, Burgos Eats.

The country’s largest casual dining operator is venturing into the lifestyle hotspot that is Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City, a highly urbanized hub in the metro characterized by a community of people with dynamic lifestyles. “Burgos Eats caters to the Filipinos’ changing food culture by reinventing ordinary dining experiences to make it more fun and a lot more engaging,” says Jim T. Fuentebella, MGI’s Executive Director for Marketing. “The overall blueprint of Burgos Eats is designed for better interaction between brands and diners to prosper by allowing the space to become the epicenter of leisure and activity.”

This new business concept is part of MGI’s goal of curating invigorating dining experiences for Filipino casual diners. Moreover, Burgos Eats presents the company with a new format where it can further expand its brands’ presence within a thriving urban hub like Burgos Circle.

Unique dining experiences within a shared space

MGI developed the idea of behind Burgos Eats some of its loved brands through an establishment that encourages social interactions. As off-mall dining experiences become more popular among various age groups in the country, the company feels that its recent foray into a culinary-lifestyle hub gives it an edge against the rest of the competition.

The structure’s layout is designed to have MGI brands—namely Pancake House, Yellow Cab, Teriyaki Boy, Krispy Kreme, and Jamba Juice—surround the shared space wherein “mashups” of the food kind, are to be held. The company believes that the shared space and the multitude of activities that can be hosted there are excellent ways of encouraging customers to engage and enjoy unique dining experiences.

An even more interesting feature of Burgos Eats is the freedom and the flexibility that diners can enjoy within the shared space. Wherever they may be in any of the five MGi stores at the venue, customers can order whatever they want from all five restaurants without having to physically move from one store to the next. An example would be ordering a smoothie from Jamba Juice without leaving the table in Pancake House—an innovative approach that gives diners the chance to experience the diversity of dining experiences that MGI offers.

Reinventing the dining scene with well-loved brands

With MGI’s third quarter revenue rising to 170%, it is well within the company’s financial capability to delve into a new business venture that puts more emphasis on the space and the brand experience beyond just the menu.

Through Burgos Eats, MGI is also able to showcase the depth of its portfolio and the variety of dining experiences it can share for the local casual dining market. By presenting Pancake House, Yellow Cab, Teriyaki Boy, Krispy Kreme, and Jamba Juice in a shared space dining format, MGI is able to re-introduce these brands with a new wave of excitement and anticipation.

“Burgos Eats is a great way for us to introduce our brands to a new generation of diners while also offering a fun, more interactive place to dine and unwind,” shares Fuentebella. “As we continue to curate more exciting ways to engage our market, the opening of Burgos Eats gives us the opportunity to strengthen our presence locally while pioneering a new way of doing business that goes beyond the ordinary.”

The Max’s Group, Inc. (PSE: MAXS) traces its heritage to the beginning of Max’s Restaurant in 1945. Today, Max’s Group is the bigger operator in the Philippines’ casual dining segment. Its family of restaurants include Max’s Restaurants, Max’s Corner Bakery, Pancake House, Yellow Cab, Teriyaki Boy, Dencio’s, Singkit, Kabisera, Sizzlin’ Steak, Le Coeur de France and Maple. The company also operates international food brands, Krispy Kreme and Jamba Juice.



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