Philippines Largest Water Concessionaire Virtualizes IT Infrastructure, Improves Customer Service Delivery by 50%

Maynilad Optimizes IT Investments, Reduces Wastage, Ensures Accuracy and Efficiency in Customer Service Delivery with VMware vSphere

Maynilad Water Services Inc. (Maynilad), the largest water concessionaire in the Philippines in terms of customer base, has announced the virtualization of its existing IT infrastructure with VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, as part of its IT transformation. With the deployment of VMware’s vSphere®, a robust infrastructure for Maynilad was built which resulted in significant improvements of its customer service delivery by at least 50 percent, better resource management and reduction in wastage from the increased IT efficiency and productivity, scalable to the company’s growth.

Optimizing resourcesto better serve customers

With services spanning across 17 cities and municipalities across the West Zone of the Greater Manila area, ensuring quality customer service with efficiency is no easy feat for Maynilad. With applications from water leak management systems, field signals monitoring to customer relationship management systems, Maynilad faced the challenge of managing multiple applications and vast amount of data. In addition, Maynilad’s one server per application model meant high operating costs and under-utilized resources.The capital and labor intensive IT model was ill equipped to support the organization’s responsiveness to increasing demand and application use.

As an essential commodity, minimal downtime and a fast response time that meet the need of the Philippines customer requirements is extremely critical.The consolidation of servers with the deployment of VMware vSphere® not only allowed for more accurate and flexible storage allocation reducing provisioning of servers from days to minutes, it also enabled faster response time using lesser resources and enhanced supportmore than 4 times the number of servers and at least 1.5 times the number of applications. The benefit of implementing VMware’s virtualization platform, vSphere®, enabled faster server deployment and migration with minimal downtime and disruptions.

“Customer service is extremely important to our business, and in an on-demand world, expectations for faster and quality service has become key. Through the deployment of VMware vSphere, Maynilad is able to more precisely determine and respond to customer demands with the agility, speed and flexibility to scale applications and support necessary to ensure faster response time. We are now better equipped with the infrastructure to optimize resources and IT investments, reduce wastage, and ensureaccuracy and timely billing to better serve our customers.” said Dr. Francisco Castillo, Senior Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, Maynilad.

Reduce wastage and easy management throughreliable and agile IT systems

Ensuring undisrupted provisioning of potable water to a population of 8.9 million across a vast landscape with differing infrastructure in the Philippines is no easy feat. As a result of its IT transformation, Maynilad operations became more efficient, and personnel are able to respond faster to water supply concerns of customers.

Along with projects that rehabilitated and modernized the distribution system, IT-related developments helped Mayniladto achieve service level improvements. The company now provides 24-hour water supply to 99.98% of its concession area. In addition, with a reliable infrastructure in place able to support key applications including leak management, Maynilad’s efforts to reduce water losses became easier. It has been able to recover over 863 million liters of treated water, with a 34 percent reduction in wastage.

“Maynilad is a great example of a customer that understands the value of virtualization to its business, and has assessed solutions available in the marketplace to drive business efficiency and productivity to better serve their customers’ needs,” said Emmanuel Portugal, Country Manager, VMware Philippines. “VMware is honored to support Maynilad as they continue to drive business transformation through IT transformation on their journey to the cloud and delivering IT-as-a-service.”

Poised for the future

As the market landscape continues to be more demanding and fluid, Maynilad is preparing to further leverage its virtualized infrastructure to improvethe manageability of its IT resources andchange the way that the IT team providesresources to the business.Virtualized and armed with VMware vSphere®, Maynilad now possess the foundation to enable the organization to deliver services and applications required in fluid, instant and secure manner, and best serve the needs of customers in Philippines today.

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