Mitch Carson’s week-long conference prepares speakers and business owners for the global digital arena

Mitch Carson, a motivational speaker as well as a trainer who teaches the art of public speaking, will be holding a four-day conference, “Speak in Manila,” that will prepare professionals and business owners how to present themselves in the international arena. The event will take place on January 15-19 at the Discovery Suites Manila, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila. It will also highlight how those who want to become thought leaders and influencers can position themselves powerfully in the digital age by leveraging on its many platforms.

The acceleration of globalization which has lowered previously strong barriers to entry into foreign markets has also opened opportunities for brands to make their presence felt on other shores. With authenticity now becoming a buzzword and a requirement for companies that do want to make an impact, especially among the millennials, the owner or marketer of a brand can no longer hide comfortably behind his advertisements and marketing campaigns, but must take the lead in representing them.

This is where mastery in speaking comes in. Carson says, “Speaking overseas grows a person’s brand and his celebrity status. To be effective internationally, a speaker must know how to be effective on camera, using a microphone, and in presenting before a live audience. He must also be adept in presenting and selling through webinars. Mastering social media and launching concise messages through it is also something he must be skilled at personally.”

Topics that will be covered in the conference include creating and promoting one’s unique selling proposition; crafting the messages that can sustain that awareness among the target publics; and enhancing one’s presence and communication skills using current digital tools.

Speakers from other countries who are experts in various fields of discipline will also be participating in the event to share their knowledge. Carson describes what his colleagues have to offer the Manila audience, “The speakers come from the U.S., Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and Germany.  Manila audiences will learn the ins and outs of doing business with foreign companies and cultures.  We are different and similar in many ways. Cultural differences need to be managed and the visiting speakers can assist Filipinos interested in expanding their businesses overseas.”

Carson, who moved his residence and business of operations from the U.S. to Thailand in 2011, describes the reason for his relocation:  “I definitely view Asia as the biggest growth region in the world.  Adjusting to cultural differences has been rather challenging.  There could be an entire business curriculum to teach companies and individuals how to deal with each country and region.  It has been my greatest challenge, as it will be to any individual or business owner who wants to penetrate and make his mark in this side of the world.”

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