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FEdCenter and NDC: A Strategic Synergy Driving Innovation and Financial Inclusion in the Philippines

By Rhea Vitto Tabora

The National Development Company (NDC), a state-owned investment firm, has found a strategic ally in The Finance Education Center (FEdCenter), a leading provider of financial training and consultancy services. By joining forces, these organizations leverage their respective strengths and resources to empower Filipinos and build an inclusive economy.

This collaboration is founded on their mutual commitment to drive innovation, promote financial inclusion, and advance the country’s economic prosperity through impactful programs and activities. NDC and FEdCenter strive to improve accessibility to financial services, including digital solutions, while championing financial literacy.

A major thrust of this alliance is FEdCenter’s involvement in the Philippine Innovation Hub, a new initiative spearheaded by NDC.

As part of its strategic engagement, FEdCenter is poised to undertake several pivotal roles and initiatives.

  1. Advocating for policies and regulations: Together, FEdCenter and NDC work to advocate for policies and regulations that encourage innovation and expand financial inclusion across the Philippines. Their joint advocacy aims to create a conducive environment for sustainable growth and development.
  • Developing and implementing joint programs: By jointly developing and executing programs and projects centered on innovation and financial inclusion, FEdCenter and NDC synergize their expertise and resources for greater collective impact.
  • Providing access to resources: FEdCenter explores the possibility of granting NDC access to its resources, including technical knowledge, research, and physical resources to support NDC’s initiatives effectively.
  • Building NDC’s capabilities: FEdCenter plays a crucial role in amplifying the potential and expertise of Fin.Ed’s workforce through specialized training and valuable workplace experiences. This capacity-building initiative ensures NDC is well-equipped to lead amidst the rapidly evolving financial landscape.
  • Research and analysis: FEdCenter may conduct research and analysis related to innovation and financial inclusion, sharing these findings with NDC to enhance collective understanding and guide evidence-based decision-making
  • Co-organizing activities and events: Collaboratively, FEdCenter and NDC organize activities like training sessions, workshops and events focused on nurturing innovation and expanding financial access nationwide.

“Together, FEdCenter and NDC are making strides toward advancing financial inclusion, fostering innovation, and fortifying the financial sector, all while embracing the transformative power of technology to shape a prosperous future for the Philippines,” says Marc Kristian Gulle FEdCenter CEO and Co-Founder.

This strategic synergy between NDC and FEdCenter sets a pioneering example of how impact-driven partnerships can drive meaningful change. By pooling their expertise and passion for financial empowerment, these organizations are writing a new chapter in the Philippine financial story.

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