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Aboitiz InfraCapital Estate Water achieves success in reducing water losses across all economic estates 

Aboitiz InfraCapital’s (AIC) Estate Water has achieved remarkable success in reducing non-revenue water (NRW) in all its economic estates across the country. These include the 800-hectare LIMA Estate in Batangas, as well as the 63-hectare Mactan Economic Zone II (MEZ2) Estate and the 540-hectare West Cebu Estate (WCE) in Cebu.

Committed to providing excellent water services, Estate Water implements a comprehensive NRW management program to address the water losses in its service areas. Over the past 5 years, LIMA Water managed to maintain the NRW level at LIMA Estate below 5%. Last year, Estate Water extended this program to other areas, including MEZ2 and WCE, resulting in a significant reduction in NRW. Specifically, MEZ2’s NRW decreased from 13% to 6%, while WCE’s water losses reduced from 10% to 7%. These figures are well below the World Bank’s NRW benchmark rate of 25%, demonstrating Estate Water’s commitment to the sustainable use of water sources.

NRW refers to the water that has been produced but never reaches the intended consumer due to various factors such as pipe leaks, illegal connections, and pilferage. These factors contribute to the wastage of water and have a negative impact on the efficiency and sustainability of water supply systems.

“We continue to tackle the issue of managing the non-revenue water of all our economic estates with utmost priority to meet the needs of the growing number of locators and customers while ensuring the sustainable use of water sources,” said AIC Head of Water Business Anna Victoria Lu. 

The successful reduction of water losses in AIC’s economic estates involved network sectorization, regular leak detection and repair, pipe replacement, meter inspection and calibration, and the timely resolution of incidents.

Lu also added that the integration of the SMART Water Network Technology has contributed to lowering the NRW of LIMA Estate. This cutting-edge innovation has connected and transformed all water facilities in LIMA Estate into interconnected and intelligent systems. By using this technology, Estate Water is now able to monitor the pressure, flow, and quality of water in real-time, detect leaks, and respond to water concerns quickly. This same technology is also planned to be implemented in AIC’s other economic estates, MEZ2 and WCE, to further enhance their water efficiency.

Recently, Estate Water’s efforts in managing the water losses and advancing proper resource management of WCE earned them one of the three “Water-Wise Award” recognitions by the National Water Resources Board (NRWB), the leading government agency for the water sector in the Philippines.  This was conferred by the NWRB  at the World Water Day Awards 2023 last March. In the same event, AIC also in turn recognized the exceptional dedication of the San Pablo City Water District towards protecting and preserving water sources and the environment by conferring them the prestigious “Agos ng Kinabukasan” Award.

Aboitiz InfraCapital is committed to developing infrastructure and bringing in world-class technologies to ensure the availability of smart and sustainable water across all generations.

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