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The LBC Business Solutions Revelation

LBC has the widest reach with over 1,000 domestic branches and 15 major international branches. Their specialized logistic solutions get products and documents of various companies to their respective destinations with greater efficiency.

Due to the growing demand for effective logistical support, some members of the local media were given an exclusive tour of LBC’s Business Solutions facility near Alabang. LBC previewed how they adapt to the unique logistical needs of their various clients. When certain products were required to be stored and shipped to different locations, diverse systems can be utilized to meet these logistical requirements for their corporate accounts.

As a pioneer in the delivery service industry in the Philippines, LBC is capable in moving products and documents to where they need to go. The range in sizes can be as small as a simple cable box to a complete full-size hospital bed. Because LBC has the widest network around the country, their corporate clients know that their deliveries will get to the intended destination in a more cost-effective and a more secure manner. LBC always aims to deliver items on time and at the right time. They also assist companies with inventory management so that businesses can be better informed as to what items move faster and what needs to be re-stocked immediately.

As the media toured the warehouse, they discovered that LBC had more than ample space to accommodate perishable and non-perishable goods in a particular zone while being monitored by their qualified personnel. Also revealed was an area designated for past relief operations wherein food and other emergency supplies were stored and distributed to calamity stricken provinces. During those times of crisis, LBC provided an effective delivery channel in order to support those who desperately needed some assistance.

Some aspects of LBC’s Customized Logistics include crossdocking wherein storage time is minimized in order for deliveries to reach customers sooner. There’s also a pick and pack option wherein different types of products can be sorted into one organized package and sent out based on what the client ordered. Internet shopping becomes more convenient wherein items ordered can be neatly placed into one box and conveniently shipped to the end user.  Cash on delivery and reverse logistics are other services offered depending on what their clients’ businesses require.

Sea, air, and land options are on hand as well so that businesses can use these channels to increase efficiency in their delivery processes. LBC is there to give corporations and other organizations that logistical expertise for their products to reach customers through the most effective means.

“At LBC, we like to move businesses to greater heights of success. Through LBC Business Solutions, we collaborate with our clients in providing the optimum customized logistics that can help them grow their business,” enthused LBC Chief Marketing Officer Javier Mantecon. “This specialized division is dedicated in handling the logistical concerns of corporate accounts. “

To find out more about LBC Business Solutions and what they can do for your business, whether large or small, please call the Customer Care Hotline 9086522 or you may visit their website at //


LBC Business Solutions - Warehouse Tour
LBC Business Solutions Like To Move It: (lower right hand corner picture), LBC Supply Chain Manager Randy Revelo (leftmost), LBC VP Solutions Jerome Santos (in red shirt left), LBC Chief Marketing Officer Javier Mantecon (in red shirt right), and LBC Business Solutions Marketing Supervisor Mark Zarraga (rightmost) invited some members of the press to visit their latest LBC Business Solutions facility at Alabang.


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