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“The Blind Spot”: Business success revealed

In one form or another, this question has been asked hundred times. What is the secret to success? Is there really a so-called “formula”?

Conventional wisdom has it that success almost equates to being born rich, earning a diploma from a reputable university, being well connected and/or landing on a high-paying job. However, for top-notch entrepreneur, global business strategist, executive & public servant Dave Almarinez, he considers these as distractions which hold back people in their pursuit for financial independence.

In his book, “The Blind Spot: Uncovering the Not-So-Hidden Truths of Business Success”, Dave Almarinez, a self-made man and dynamic young public servant details the steps he took to turn his life around.  “With this book, I wanted to inspire people”, Dave says.

Born to an underprivileged yet humble family and sold peanuts from his childhood years, Dave earned his success by age 30 and was able to get out of poverty. His own story serves as a powerful backdrop for his principles of life & business success.  “I never once gave up on my dream. I was determined to pursue what I wanted.”

Launched in 2013, “The Blind Spot: Uncovering the Not-So-Hidden Truths of Business Success” has 10 chapters detailing the honest, hard-won lessons Dave himself experienced in his journey to financial independence; stories about the business titans who inspired him; and exercises to challenge and help readers move past their blind spots.

“We all have our blind spot. If we are too focused on something, we tend to forget what is already in front of us. There are opportunities we resist because we perceive it won’t work. We either have fears or uncertainties. It’s all about perception.”

During its first run, “The Blind Spot” sold 2,000 copies. Published by Equitrust Global and Bronze Age Media, Inc., the book is available through and at all Fully-Booked branches. Highly motivational, informative, compact and practical, “The Blind Spot” does not guarantee success but gives readers a better chance to succeed. It helps one to become entrepreneurial, with all the learning curves of business.

 “In my opinion and with the journey I had and still going through, I think there are no actual secrets to success. The formula is right there. We keep looking for it but it’s all right there. We are not just doing it. Face your challenges. If you think you did what is right despite the odds, by the end of the journey, you will never go wrong. Be consistent.”

Fate favors the bold.  This is what “The Blind Spot” is all about.  “People who succeed don’t have fears”.  For Dave Almarinez, he never gave up on his dreams, not even once.  Many will be able to relate to this book. Find out how Dave was able to overcome his humble beginnings and start successful businesses that provided for himself, his family, and generated jobs for many.

“Dare to dream. Don’t be scared. Believe in yourself that you can make things happen, do it with boldness and conviction”.


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