In “Speak in Manila,” foreign business experts, led by Mitch Carson, showed why public speaking is critical to business success

More than a dozen foreign business experts and professionals unveiled why public speaking is critical to business success, especially if a company or a consultant wants to make it big in the international arena. The event, “Speak in Manila,” was held last January at the Discovery Suites in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, and spearheaded by Mitch Carson, the CEO of Impact Products Marketing. Carson’s method of training is unique in that it has turned previously unprofitable companies into cash-positive operations. The other speakers were as follows: Lindsay Adams is an Australian relationship marketing specialist, who emphasizes that  relationships underpin everything that is done in business. Rachel Mei Fang is the founder of LMF International Language Academy in Malaysia, which has its headquarters in Bandar Sunway, and with another branch in Puchong. Dr. Paul Maguire is a true serial entrepreneur, having built several million and multimillion dollar businesses in health care, real estate, gaming, finance, consulting, licensing, and speaking. Mayuko Yamaguchi has developed and taught her own sleep improvement technique, the “High-Performance Sleep Course”, which enables busy people to enjoy quality sleep.

Donna Marie Laino is a nurse and holistic practitioner who finds joy in being a humorist, clown, and life coach.

Brian Cassingena is a published author, paid coach, and consultant to entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Akihiro Fujimura was able to sell 1.15 million yen by using his new method, the “Super Star Presentation”, a technique which mixed humor and entertainment in speech. Eizo Fujii is a professional in sleep improvement. His programs cure sleep problems and improve sleep quality.

Lee Yee Lan coaches network marketing leaders into creating the  perfect team with a a powerful new strategy to generate qualified leads and scale the  network marketing business in a shorter period of time. Governor Baby Escueta Luat is a governor of Toastmasters International District 75 and a professional lecturer and speaker. Rizal Rashid is a well-known communication coach, author, and international speaker in Malaysia. Mindie Sai is a professional sales trainer and sales coach who has trained and coached thousands of salespeople and sales leaders in more than 10 countries globally. Sinichi Sakurada is focused on nurturing entrepreneurs. At the same time, he is spreading his marketing efforts by using PodCasts in Japan at the private level. Kazuhiro Sen is an English/Japanese translator with strong communication, interpretation, and interpersonal skills.

Eason Tee is a business owner, series property entrepreneur, and property investment coach. He co-founded Cribers, Malaysia’s leading co-living platform which offers millennials living space for community living as well as co-working space to incubate startup businesses. Mike Watase is known as a mentor of the sales force involved in various industries. His coaching skill is based on his broad high-ticket selling experience in such areas as nuclear safety, R&D programs and equipment, and high-end medical equipment.Y Lim describes herself as a parenting mentor, wife, mother, entrepreneur, and networker. She has been regularly asked about how she did the parenting to create such well-adjusted kids who are now overseas studying and earning high marks. Matthias Gelber describes himself as a “Man on an Eco Mission” to preserve the planet for future generations. In 2008, he was voted ‘Greenest Person on the Planet’ in a global online competition and Ian del Carmen is one of the most sought-after Internet marketing consultants, having a regular client base of 50,000+ businesses worldwide. Carson has plans to launch a similar event in Cebu and Manila starting the middle of the year.

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