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Taiwan’s Finest “Fiftea” Milk Tea Has Arrived

Step aside, milk tea imposters and wannabees, you have fooled the country long enough. Let the expert take over! Fiftea is in town to serve what real milk tea is all about.

You know that the milk tea craze is on the rise with the numerous brands flooding the market with their version of milk tea. After tasting Fiftea’s creamy, fresh version, you won’t get confused anymore. Fiftea’s milk tea flavor is quite distinctive — that’s because the leaves are all imported and the trained baristas prepare them the right way. If you don’t believe it, ask your Taiwanese friends if they’ve heard of Fiftea and what they think of it. Fiftea is one of the first brands of milk tea in Taiwan and is already established as a brand of high quality.

The problem with the Philippine market is that Filipinos are not very discriminating in regards to quality as they are still getting into the milk tea lifestyle. Sadly, they have difficulty even distinguishing brewed milk tea from a powdered source. All milk tea tastes the same, they will say. Just like wine and coffee, one develops the taste buds with time. Connoisseurs will agree on what makes a quality milk tea brand different from the common or badly-brewed ones.

What makes Fiftea different from the other brands?

First, the trained baristas. Unlike the other companies whose habit is to change their baristas every six months, Fiftea maintains the people they train. They have to complete 2 years in the company before they are deployed to franchises. In that way, every milk tea served maintains the high quality and consistency trademark of Fiftea. The baristas are carefully handpicked and screened prior to employment.

Second, the brewing process. No self-respecting high-end milk tea brand uses powder– it must always be brewed. Water is boiled separately before adding the tea leaves to get the freshest flavors and nutrients minus the bitterness from overboiled leaves. The recipe is strictly followed, maintaining the golden ratio in every cup. No additional sugar or water to adjust the quantity. Even if the order is customized, quality and consistency is still maintained. Containers for brewing and mixing are cleaned right away so as not to dilute the next cup of milk tea. Third, the ingredients. The tea leaves are imported and sourced from a reputable grower of tea leaves. So the final flavors sharp, distinct, and natural. No chemicals are needed to heighten the flavors.

These are trade secrets that customers are not aware of, but should be wary of it the next time they order their milk tea.

So what are you waiting for? Go and try your first cup of fresh, creamy, natural and refreshing Fiftea milk tea and do tell us if we are wrong.


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