Start young: Regina Online Investing encourages young Filipinos to never settle

Financial freedom seems to be a daunting goal especially for young professionals with average to high income because as they say, “the more you earn, the more you’re challenged to adjust your lifestyle.” Those who earn more tend to spend more thinking they have more money at their disposal.

With the continuing release of more expensive gadgets and devices, the famous concept of “you only live once” or YOLO, the growing trend of traveling and the rise of more real estate properties, people have more reasons to spend. Saving becomes a second priority and so is investing.

But, if there is a more reliable way to secure financial freedom, it’s thinking two steps ahead and listing down financial goals – including things that one needs to sacrifice in order to grow their money. Regina Online Investing (ROI) encourages young Filipinos to adopt the “Never Settle” mindset. This mindset highlights the importance of always looking for opportunities to grow your money by not settling with your paychecks or existing pool of bucks.

To do this, ROI lists down three surefire ways to get young Filipinos started on their road to financial freedom.

Map out your investment objectives. Understanding and deciding on investment objectives is a crucial stage. Each investor has unique investment objectives depending on their short and long term needs. Why are you investing? Is it for a potential business expansion? Funding for your future child’s college education? Retirement needs?

Think about your time horizon. “What is your time horizon?” is one of the most important questions when you’re just about to invest. Time horizon is the length of time a sum of money is expected to be invested. It is determined by how much money you’re willing to invest and for how long. The shorter your horizon is, the lesser risk you’re willing to take.

Consider your risk appetite. Investing entails a variety of risks and your risk for appetite is determined by the following: personal circumstances or your capacity for loss, investment goals, time frame, and your personal attitude to risks. Some people take more risks knowing that they have even bigger need for returns.

“It’s important to start investing as early as you can especially if you have disposable money which you want to grow,” said Luis Limlingan, Head of Sales of Regina Capital.

Regina Online Investing (ROI) is a joint venture of stockbroker Regina Capital Development Corp. and MFT Group of Companies. It is an online stock trading service launched in 2014 which seeks to empower those with disposable income who are also willing to invest and create their own stock portfolios. “In ROI, the options are tailored-fit to the specific needs of investors,” adds Mica Tan, President & CFO of MFT Group of Companies.

ROI is one of the first to leverage on the user-friendly PSETradex platform, a web-based trading management system which allows users to trade shares of stocks, monitor their order status, and create and manage their own stock portfolio using either their computers or smartphones. It also boasts of providing dedicated managers for every client and services even on a weekend.

For more information, visit and or follow @reginacap on Twitter.

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