ALL roads lead to SM Megamall today, July 24, 2015, as French appliance brand Moulinex and The French Baker stage Easy Food Treats with Chef Baker Johnlu Koa at the mall’s crowd-drawing Event Center on the Lower Ground Floor of Building A.

Held in celebration of French Month this July as the Filipinos’ way of joining the local French community in observing French Bastille Day, Easy Food Treats with Chef Baker Johnlu Koa showcases easy-to-prepare but delicious and impressive food treats as demonstrated by no less than The French Baker’s founder and president Johnlu Koa. He will be using readily available The French Baker breads and baked products to whip up great bites with the help of easy-to-use Moulinex small kitchen appliances, and will be engaging his audience in a hands-on cooking and baking experience as he picks members of the audience to join him on stage for every recipe that he will be demonstrating.

Chef Baker Johnlu Koa will be featuring six recipes in his cooking demonstration.

After welcoming guests and participants (a number of whom pre-registered via The French Baker and Moulinex’s websites), he gets the afternoon program rolling by presenting his first recipe, which is Chicken Liver Pate, a gourmet spread that is actually very easy to make but never fails to impress when you serve it on crostinis or toasted French bread. He processes the chicken liver into a smooth and delightful pate using Moulinex Food Processor, then he transforms a loaf of day-old French Baguette into crusty toasted bread slices with the help of a Moulinex Bread Toaster.

His second recipe is Cheese Quesadilla, a yummy Mexican-inspired three-cheese appetizer that is crunchy on the outside but gooey on the inside. He makes several variations using The French Baker’s Tortilla Wraps in Flour, Whole Wheat, Tomato Basil and Spinach flavor variants. For even grating of the cheese, he uses Moulinex Food Shredder; and to crunch up the tortilla wraps, he lightly grills them on an energy-efficient Krups Griddle.

Third on the list is Chorizo Pizza, which can be easily assembled with a French Baker Pizza Crust for a regular pizza and Tortilla Wraps for thin crust pizza. The Moulinex Food Shredder comes in handy again for even grating of the mozzarella cheese.

Chef Baker Johnlu Koa also shares his recipe of Fresh Mushroom Cream Pasta, which he serves with The French Baker’s Focaccia Pesto Garlic Slices lightly grilled on a Krups Panini Griddle.

He also whips up two flavor-packed but light and healthy sandwiches, Grilled Panini Spanish Sardines Sandwich and Vegetarian Sandwich, for his last two recipes. For the former, he slices The French Baker’s Panini Squares in half, spreads pesto sauce on the bottom half then tops it with fresh basil leaves, Spanish sardines and onion rings before covering it with the top half of the bread spread with a little mayonnaise. To add a crunchy finish to the sandwich, he presses down the Krups Panini Griddle on the sandwich to lightly grill it. For the latter, he turns to the flavorful and colorful combination of tomato and white cheese slices with fresh basil leaves and a little pesto sauce on The French Baker’s freshly baked Steak Roll. The Krups Griddle gives the bread delightful crunch.

The six pocket cooking demonstrations, participated in by lucky members of the audience, are dotted with raffle draws with lots of prizes at stake. The raffle prizes are like icing on the cake for everyone who turned out for the live cooking event and are going home with six new recipes which they got to sample, too!

Easy Food Treats with Chef Baker Johnlu Koa is brought to you by Moulinex and The French Baker in partnership with SM Megamall.

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