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SSS sets new guidelines for the online filing of retirement benefit claims via My.SSS

The Social Security System (SSS) has set new guidelines for the online filing of retirement claim applications (RCAs) to allow more members to benefit safely and conveniently.

The state-run pension fund issued SSS Circular No. 2020 – 018 signed by SSS President and CEO Aurora C. Ignacio, which expanded the coverage of the online RCA submission option using the My.SSS web portal at and increased the bank options for the disbursement of retirement benefits.

“Our goal through this initiative, along with other digital transformation efforts of the SSS, is to improve the delivery of our services to our stakeholders by making them more accessible through the use of technology. Moreover, we see digital technology as an essential tool during and beyond this COVID-19 pandemic,” Ignacio said.

Under the new guidelines, employee-members who are at least 60 to 64 years old and separated from employment, except for underground/surface mineworkers and racehorse jockeys, may now submit their RCAs online.

Also, members who are at least 65 years old and already submit their RCAs online effective September 2015, and Overseas Filipino Worker and voluntary members who are at least 60 years old since December 2018 are qualified under the new guidelines.

Members must be registered at the My.SSS web portal on the SSS website and must have an enrolled disbursement account with the SSS through the Bank Enrollment Module (BEM).

Both online services may be accessed under the E-services tab upon logging in at the said web portal.

To qualify for the online submission of RCAs, a member must have at least 120 monthly contributions before the semester of the month of submission of the claim, for monthly pension, or at least one monthly contribution, for lump sum benefit; has an SS number that is not canceled; has no outstanding Stock Investment, Privatization, Educational or Vocational Technology loan balance; has no dependent child/children; is not an underground/surface mineworker or racehorse jockey; and not a self-employed member below 65 years old.

Online applications of employee-members, at least 60 to 64 years old, with contributions before or up to​ the month of retirement must be certified by their latest employer through the employer’s My.SSS web account. Otherwise, the RCA will not be processed without the certification of the employer.

On the other hand, members who have worked as an underground/surface mineworker for at least five years, whose optional retirement age is at 50 years old effective 27 April 2016; members who have worked as a racehorse jockey for at least five years, whose retirement age is at 55 years old effective 24 May 2016; and self-employed members below 65 years old must submit their retirement benefit application at SSS branches because they need to present or submit additional documents for their claims.

Members who are not qualified to submit their RCAs online and those who were required to submit additional documents may schedule an appointment with any SSS branch of their choice to submit their claims. They may access the online appointment system under the member info tab upon logging in to their respective My.SSS web accounts.

The SSS will pay retirement benefit claims through the member’s Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) Card enrolled as an ATM card. In its absence, it will be released through their preferred disbursement channel enrolled in the BEM, which includes Philippine Electronic Fund Transfer System and Operations Network (PESONet) participating banks, Union Bank of the Philippines Quick Card, electronic wallets, and remittance transfer companies/cash payout outlets.

For more information, members and employers may call the SSS’ hotline at 1455 or Interactive Voice Response System at 7917-7777. They may also follow the SSS Facebook page at the Philippine Social Security System.

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