Shell Study reveals Filipino Motorists lose four days every month to decide on over 30 things every single day

Shell FuelSave Good Choice Driving Challenge. In photo: (l-r) Mr. Bobby Kanapi; VP for Communications, Shell Philippines, Ms. Bianca Gonzales; Shell Brand Ambassadress, Ms. Mae Ascan; Fuel Scientist, Shell Philippines and Mr. Ramon Del Rosario; VP for Communications, Shell Philippines.

According to Yam, “We recognize that our customers are very busy people and are pre-occupied with so many things that they need to do in their daily lives. In fact, 78 percent of Filipino motorists admit to having difficulty in making a decision when there are a lot of choices to choose from. Our mission, then, is to simplify this process by offering quality products that could make their lives a bit easier when they drive out of their homes.

Filipino motorists, on the average, make over 30 conscious decisions each day, and spend over a thousand minutes each week to ponder on the choices that they have to make. This accounts for losingfour days every month that go unnoticed, stressing over life’s small details and adding unnecessary pressure to the Filipino motorists’ subconscious.

Insights into the Filipino motorists’ most common decisions and attitude towards decision-making are revealed with the launch of the Shell FuelSave Good Choice Report, a nationwide study developed by Pilipinas Shell to help everyday drivers balance the ongoing pressures of daily decisions.

“Our customer insights tell us that Filipino drivers are constantly balancing life pressures and are making numerous decisions every day,” says Anthony Lawrence Yam, Vice President for Retail of Pilipinas Shell. “Because we, at Shell, are constantly looking for new ways to meet the evolving needs of our customers, we conducted a study across the country to probe deeper into the range of decisions our motorists make, the factors that affect these decisions, and how these impact the other aspects of their lives.”

The Shell FuelSave Good Choice Report polled 500 motorists – primarily commercial drivers, private motorists, moms and college students who drive at least once a week – aged 18 to 64, from Metro Manila, Dagupan City, Batangas City, Metro Cebu and Davao City, on the various decisions that they make, from everyday decisions, such as what to eat and what to do on a rest day, to milestone decisions, such as career and financial planning.

Among the decisions that occupy their minds, seven out of ten Filipino motorists say that whether to splurge or not is the most important one that they have to make on a daily basis. Simply thinking about splurging or saving already takes up 33 full minutes of the Filipino motorists’ week, making it the most difficult decision they have to make every day. This behavior relates to another pressing decision Filipino motorists consider on a daily basis, which is whether or not they will be helping their immediate and extended families overcome financial struggles over their personal benefit.

While most Filipino motorists make decisions based on their own personal biases and consider themselves as the strongest influencers in decision-making, their families, available budget, and their partners are also among the top influencers in making any kind of choice. The study also reveals that a number of these decisions are made in the morning, while out of home.

Once out the door and on the road, the most important routine decisions made each day are what to eat, whether to consider price or quality first in making purchases, where to gas up, and which route to take.

“This is why our Shell Fuel Scientists have developed Shell FuelSave, our regular priced fuel designed to last longer. It has active efficiency ingredients, giving drivers a good choice they don’t have to think about,” adds Yam.

The Shell FuelSave Good Choice Report is launched in conjunction with the culmination of the Shell FuelSave Good Choice Driving Challenge, a fuel efficiency competition that aims to show how easy it is for everyday drivers to manage their fuel consumption by making a few simple changes to their driving behaviors and using Shell FuelSave.

“As we continue to celebrate 100 Years of Shell Companies in the Philippines, the Shell FuelSave Good Choice Report and the Shell FuelSave Good Choice Driving Challenge are a testament to our commitment to meet the evolving needs of our customers, as well as offer them nothing but the best products and services that they deserve,” says Yam.

About Shell FuelSave fuels

Shell FuelSave Gasoline and Shell FuelSave Diesel are our regular priced fuels designed to last longer. Currently available in 22 countries, they contain active efficiency ingredients and are designed to improve engine efficiency from the very first tank.

Shell has over 100 years’ experience in creating some of the world’s most advanced fuels. We are also committed to equipping motorists with the skills needed to be more fuel efficient. Learn how a few simple changes to everyday driving habits can help you manage the costs of motoring by going to www.shell.com.ph and participating in Target One Million, a globalShell FuelSave campaign aimed at helping one million drivers around the world  learn how they can make their fuel last longer.




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