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The Biggest Business in Fitness Is Now in the Philippines

With over 2,600 gyms in 20 countries, Anytime Fitness is the world’s fastest-growing fitness club chain and the largest co-ed fitness network in the world. Ranked the world’s #1 franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2014, Anytime Fitness has knocked franchise icons such as Subway, McDonalds and Pizza Hut off the top spot with its proposition of 24-hour community based gym facilities.

Being open 24/7 means you’ll never have an excuse to miss your workout, even on busy days. The gyms are located near communities, within walking distance of most residential areas. The non-intimidating atmosphere and friendly personal trainers help create an environment to make one feel right at home.

Aside from accessibility, safety is also another important factor for Anytime Fitness. The special electronic access keys issued to members allows that one key opens the doors to over 2,600 Anytime Fitness gyms around the world.

“We believe that the Anytime Fitness concept is a perfect fit for consumers in Asia who are looking for a convenient, non-intimidating and value-oriented place to exercise,” said John Kersh, Vice President of International Development at Anytime Fitness. “Anytime Fitness also offers a unique and low-cost alternative for Asian entrepreneurs looking to enter this fast-growing industry.”

On October 1, Anytime Fitness opened their first gym in the Philippines at Pioneer Center. “The gym in Pioneer is quickly reaching capacity. We are expecting another 6 gyms opening in the next few months and even more expected to open throughout Asia including China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.” says Eric Keller, Director of International Operations at Anytime Fitness.

“I am so proud and grateful to be part of the continued growth of Anytime Fitness within Asia” said Maurice Levine, Master Franchisee for Anytime Fitness Asia.  “We vow to our members that we will out-care our competition, create memorable membership experiences and live up to the Anytime Fitness vision of improving the self-esteem of the world, one member at a time.”

Specific club locations include communities where the market for an Anytime Fitness club exists but where no health clubs are currently located. Membership fees at clubs are comfortably affordable. Similar to Anytime Fitness gyms in the U.S., the gyms in Asia will be approximately 3,500 – 5,000 square feet, featuring a wide variety of cardio equipment, strength training machines, personal trainers and industry leading programs and classes.

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