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Selfie; just think about how to pose


Are you still referring to online tutorials on how to take the perfect selfie or learning tips to make your selfie look better? Are you only able to become a 45-degree beauty when you are holding a mobile phone? All you need is a small accessory to allow you to pose any way you like when taking a selfie with mobile phones! 

The digital storage brand KINGMAX heard this problem from many of its female employees, and started to figure out ways to make taking selfies with mobile phones easier. MySelfie, CAM Shutter, gives you a new way to take selfies with mobile phones. It is extremely easy to use: just take out your mobile phone, pair it and connect it with the MySelfie, then just hold the MySelfie in your hand and the shutter of the camera lens can be remotely pressed within 10 meters, it’s that easy! It does not require downloading any software or app at all! The battery required by the MySelfie is just your common battery (CR2032 3V lithium battery) that can be purchased anywhere. If you take 10 selfies daily for example, the battery life of the MySelfie can last up to almost 1 year; it uses very little battery power. 

Once you have a MySelfie, whether you want to take a full-figure selfie showing your long legs or take a selfie of you gazing into the distance from far away, all can be easily done! The MySelfie is 100% compatible with iPhone and can easily be paired with popular Android mobile phones such as Samsung phones etc. The only thing you have to worry about it how to beautifully display yourself, since this accessory is so easy to use!


Match up easily

No software installation required

Warranty : 2 yearsABCDEF

CE, FCC, RoHs certificated



Size : 60*26.4*7mm

Weight : 11g

Color : White/ Black/ Yellow

Working distance : 10 meters

Working temperature : -10~40

Button cell Battery : CR2032 3V lithium battery

Bluetooth : Bluetooth SIG V2.1, 3.0 version 

OS Support : Androil 2.3.6+ / iOS 5.0+

Material : Green cycle material (same as iPhone)


KINGMAX Group is the world’s first RAM/Flash memory module manufacturer that features vertical industrial integration capabilities, solid R&D capability and innovative cutting-edge patented technology.  KINGMAX believes that “Quality comes from perfection in technology”, and its mission is to offer innovation and perfection in all its products. All the KINGMAX products therefore undergo rigorous tests before launching to the market to ensure the highest quality, and with their lifetime warranty, you can be completely assured that KINGMAX products are your best choice. For more information, please visit the KINGMAX official website at:

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