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SEC good governance, sustainability initiatives gain praise on global stage 

For the third consecutive year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  received the Global Good Governance (3G) awards for upholding good corporate governance practices and pushing for sustainability.  

London-based Cambridge International Finance Advisory (Cambridge IFA)  conferred the SEC with the 3G Advocacy and Commitment to Corporate  Governance Award 2023, during the 8th 3G Annual Awards ceremony held in  Dubai on May 8.  

The 3G Advocacy and Commitment to Corporate Governance Award, which the SEC also received in 2022 and 2021, honors an organization that has demonstrated a strong commitment to corporate governance practices and policies and to a sustainable corporate strategy and business policy geared to creating long-term value for shareholders, strategic and problem-solving skills,  and competence in dealing with change.

The SEC also received the 3G Championship Award in ESG Practices, given to organizations and institutions that champion emerging technologies and sustainable growth strategies while being mindful of their impact on society and aspiring for a better future. 

Founded in 2016, Cambridge IFA has since presented over 150 3G awards in more than 35 categories to various individuals and institutions in more than 25  countries. 

“We are honored to be recognized by the 3G Awards for the third consecutive year. These awards affirm the success of our strategies toward good governance and sustainability, and inspire us in the pursuit of our goal of a  secure and better life for Filipinos,” SEC Chairperson Emilio B. Aquino said.  

“We will pursue more dialogues and collaborative efforts with our stakeholders  to impart our vision on sustainability, to ensure not just the long-term success of  individual corporations, but of the business sector as a whole.”  

As a corporate regulator, the SEC is a leading voice in promoting good corporate governance and sustainability in the country. It advocates for reforms through the adoption of corporate governance codes, sustainability reporting guidelines, and rules protecting minority investors, while also holding dialogues with stakeholders on both local and international corporate governance issues.  

Such efforts have been recognized globally, most recently by the United  Nations Conference on Trade and Development, which named the  Commission the recipient of the ISAR Honours in 2022 and 2019, for elevating the standards of sustainability reporting in the corporate sector.  

SEC Chairperson and CEO Emilio B. Aquino was likewise hailed as CEO of the  Year for the Philippines by the International Data Corporation in 2022. 

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