SCGShowcases ‘The Inspiration of Living’ at WorldBex 2015

SCG continues to celebrate its legacy as one of ASEAN’s sustainable business leaders as it participates in the 20thWorldBex, Asia’s largest building and construction exposition. From March 11 to 15, 2015, SCG and its subsidiaries will be showcasing its latest collection of innovative products at the World Trade Center, Manila.

With the theme “Experiencethe Inspiration of Living,”SCG, Mariwasa and COTTO will be showcasing its world-class, top-quality products and innovations to inspire Filipinos to create beautiful homes that are reflective of their lifestyles.

Mr. Jakkrit Suwansilp, Mariwasa VP for Sales and Marketing

“Self-expression is something that Filipinos value highly, and this is reflected in the way they dress, the music they listen to and even in how their homes are designed,” said Mariwasa Siam-Ceramics VP for Sales and Marketing Jakkrit Suwansilp. “As an industry leader for over a century, we at SCG are committed to deliver world-class quality products and services that will aide Filipinos in creating a home that truly reflect their individual styles.”

Architect Jose Carunungan

To let consumers truly experience the inspiration of living, SCG will be hosting an Architect Showcase during WorldBex 2015. Here, one of the Philippines most renowned architects, Jose Ramon Carunungan, principal architect and environmental planner of renowned local architecture firm, Carunungan & Partners Co., will showcase his expertise in architectural design. With 29 years of industry experience, Arch’t. Carunungan will be joining SCG at WorldBex 2015 by creating various design spaces using the SCG Smartboard, as well as how it can be applied to different designs based on the user’s preference.

Headlining the roster of innovative products showcased at WorldBex 2015 is the new generation SCG Smartboard, a fiber-cement board with Firm & Flex technology, bringing together strength, durability and elasticity. Its water and high impact resistant body is available in an array of colors and patterns to allow one’s imagination to flow freely and create limitless designs. With the new SupersmartSeries, the SCG Smartboard’s toughness and durability is balanced by soft lines, giving the home a delicate look.

COTTO showcases “Bathroom Pleasure” as it offers Filipinos three new distinct styles of bathrooms.Each bathroom set up will feature Rough Stone, Luxe and Amelie series for a more stylish and personal touch to fit one’s preference. Espousing the belief that the bathroom is one of the most important parts of the home, COTTO showcases a combination of sliding panels, sanitary wares, fittings and ceramic tiles that can be customized to match each customer’slifestyle.In addition, COTTO will also be introducing its new Sense of Scirocco Faucets, a limited collection inspired by the Mediterranean winds that blows past the sea.

Architect showcase design inspired by by cascading waterfalls

Mariwasa ushers in a new approach to style with its latest HD Tile Collection and Wall Claddings. The HD Tile Collection features a number of contemporary designs to cater to the different tastes of the public, such as Majesty, Alder, Summerwood, Pascal, Portia, Metis, Primea, Moreto, Pavia, Mehan and Murica Series. Mariwasa’s Wall Claddings also deliver the latest in stylish and modern wall finishing and décor with its Emir and Greco Series. The display will also feature 60×60 in glossy tiles and other products such as tile adhesives, grout and glass blocks. Mariwasa’s tile collection showcases the perfect materials needed to create one’s dream home.

In addition to the displays, various activities will be conducted in the booths throughout the duration of WorldBex 2015 to demonstrate to the public how each product from SCG and its subsidiaries can be used to create durable yet beautiful homes.

“More than just being the owner of a house, Filipinos want something that reflects who they really are in terms of style and design without compromising quality. SCG understands this need and continually strives to provide innovative, and durable products to enable homeowners to create something truly of their own,” said Suwansilp.

To see more of SCG’slatest collections, visit the 20th WorldBex on March 11-15, 2015 at the World Trade Center, Manila.


About SCG

SCG, one of the leading conglomerates in the ASEAN region, comprises of three core businesses:  SCG Cement-Building Materials, SCG Chemicals, and SCG Paper. With more than 200 companies under its umbrella and approximately 49,000 employees, SCG creates and distributes innovative products and services that respond to the current and future needs of the consumers.

SCG has been present in the Philippines since 1993 with more than 1,000 employees through its 7 subsidiaries: United Pulp & Paper Co., Mariwasa Siam Ceramics Inc., CPAC Monier Philippines Inc., SCG Trading Philippines Inc., Green Siam Resources Inc., Green Alternative Technology Specialist Inc., and SCG Marketing Philippines, Inc.


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