SAVED App Soft Launch

Expanding its territories and keeping up with today’s technology to reach and influence the youth, SAVED introduces the SAVED APP.

Maintaining its advocacy to influence the youth towards societal change, SAVED continues to provide avenues and media to equip and empower the youth to be more bold in making Jesus Christ our source for personal transformation and national revival.

The SAVED App is a great tool to inform its users of the love of Jesus Christ, as well as to provide relevant updates on current and upcoming international Christian events, the latest Contemporary Christian Music, and updates on SAVED Ministry’s activities.

Packed with a wide variety of features, the SAVED App brings relevant details to the hands of its users. It contains featured stories, current events, devotions, artist profiles, and testimonies of those whose lives have been changed by Christ.

The SAVED app also gives the user command of the board for SAVED Radio’s Top Ten Music by letting them vote for their favorite Christian songs. It also puts in frame the latest news, singles, and albums in the Christian music scene.

Widely known for its milestone-making events, SAVED also brings up-to-date announcements on SAVED Festivals and other SAVED Events on the SAVED App. Event volunteering opportunities will also be posted in the SAVED App.

The SAVED App also carries exclusive interviews of Christian bands, artists, and speakers. It will even highlight sneak peeks and excerpts of videos, music, publishing, and other Christian media.

The SAVED App contains an ESV Bible and also a Bible-Reading plan and most specially an easy-to-read Gospel presentation as a guide to share the Truth of Jesus Christ’ work.

All in all, this is the perfect tool that can help and guide any Christian in the Journey towards Christ-likeness—accessible through mobile, anytime, anywhere, and just at the tap of a finger.

The SAVED App is available for download on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones only. Tablet platforms will be made available in the future.


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