PLDT Smart SME Nation launches National Negosyo Sale and Techmobilefor MSMEs

MANILA, Philippines –PLDT Smart SME Nation solidifies its support for the country’s bustling micro, small-and-medium enterprise (MSME) sector by holding a three-day sale event on IT and business productivity offerings catered to businesses looking to expand digitally. To help push the campaign further, Techmobile, a mobile e-commerce store on wheels, will go around the country to offer services to more MSMEs across the country.

The National Negosyo Sale will feature several business productivity-enhancing products designed to help MSMEs usher their businesses into the digital landscape. This includes tools such as SmartBro 499, Kaasenso Plan, PLDT myDSL Biz kits, and enterprise-grade tools such as iGate Leased Line Circuits and VOX Managed IP PBX services. These products will include a do-it-yourself website building kit, as well as various collaboration tools c/o Microsoft, which will help MSMEs build up their digital footprints.

“Nothing is more important for micro, small, and medium businesses to be present where their customers are. With almost half of the Philippine population going online on a regular basis[1] and a foreseeable increase in devices that help people connect to the internet, more Filipinos are bound to be present in social media and have access to resources online. It is now a must for businesses to be able to keep up with their market and bring their businesses online,” said Mitch Locsin, VP and Head of PLDT Smart SME Nation.

These products are designed to help entrepreneurs bring their business ideas online and provide them with the necessary tools to let them manage their businesses remotely. With these products, PLDT Smart SME Nation helps level the playing field and provide enterprise-level asset, service, and inventory management tools for SMEs to better provide the needs of their customers.

Meanwhile,Techmobile, a mobile technology platform in partnership with Takatack, will conduct caravans nationwide and target local SMEs that are planning to expand their business online. A fleet of Techmobiles will roam around the country to reach entrepreneurs in remote areas who wish to expand their businesses using PLDT Smart SME Nation’s business tools and solutions.

“The National Negosyo Sale, along with the rollout of our Techmobileas it starts its journey nationwide, highlights our efforts to promote the use of digital technologies among local MSMEs to enable them to keep up in a more competitive digital landscape. As we progress into 2016 and towards the ASEAN Economic Integration, PLDT Smart SME Nation is dedicated to ensure the competitiveness of local businesses who will, more than ever, need the support of larger entities such as PLDT who can empower them to make it big in their industries and become truly global businesses,” concluded Locsin.

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