Payo simplifies COD transaction for the ecommerce industry in PH

PAYO, a gateway that manages and simplifies Cash on Delivery (COD), launches its new platform in a bid to help simplify and improve the productivity of online businesses and enable them to fully take advantage of the e-commerce platform.

Ofri Kadosh, co-founder and CEO of PAYO, said that the full-suite of the new platform’s capabilities will help to minimize cancellations and increase revenues while allowing merchants to better navigate the process.

“We know the struggle of businesses operating in the e-commerce space and what they have to contend with particularly when it comes to integrating cash-on-delivery in their payment process. One of the main challenges are order cancellations, which happens to about 30 to 35 percent of their transactions. For merchants, this means an automatic loss in revenue,” added Kadosh.

In the Philippines, e-commerce is a fast-growing industry, especially since Filipinos spend 8.5 hours online a day. Around 33.3 million of the population use smartphones while 69M are active internet users. In 2016, the annual e-commerce revenue has a total of $1.5-Billion.

Furthermore, Filipinos lead the world globally in terms of amount of time spent on social media, spending an average of four hours and 17 minutes a day on social platforms, according to a 2017 report by social media management platform Hootsuite and social media consultants We Are Social Ltd.

Kadosh noted that local merchants need to integrate COD in their business model given that 93 percent of the Filipinos prefer paying cash when buying online. Only eight percent of the population carry a credit card while 72 percent still do not have bank accounts.

To help e-commerce businesses, PAYO developed a platform that will allow for both the merchants and their consumers to experience better and faster COD transactions. It works as an interface that can be added to the merchant’s shopping carts. Once the consumers start placing their orders, a pool of data scientists will then process every sale, as well as to record and analyze the clients order history.

PAYO developed a consumer data analysis that builds credit history for COD consumers and employs fraud detection to identify potentially problematic accounts minimizing the incidence of cancellations even before the parcel leaves the merchants’ warehouse.

Working with any courier, PAYO Solution also integrates courier optimization algorithms to choose the most convenient and practical type of courier to use from among the company’s pool of trusted partners. Among these are LBC, 2GO, Black Arrow Express, Ninja Van, Honest Bee, Zoom, Lalamove and Dalasia.

While the product is moving from the merchant’s warehouse to the customer, PAYO’s solutions can also be used to streamline the process of tracking the orders and communicating with the customers for updates of their order. Once the delivery is successful, PAYO can also monitor money collection and remit the earnings to the merchant.

What’s more, the data insights collected from all the deliveries drawn from Payo can be utilized as well to ensure early and immediate remittance to help merchants manage cash flow and scale up their business.

As part of its commitment, PAYO only charges when the delivery is successful assuring the merchants of good service. Aside from the launch of the new platform, PAYO is set to release a mobile application later this year to make it easier for consumers to track their orders. With this app, the consumer will be updated on the whereabouts of their orders allowing them to manage their own orders.

PAYO recently partnered with Paynamics and Ipay88, two of some of the biggest gateways in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. These will be fully integrated to Payo’s platform during the first quarter of 2018.

The company also recently concluded a business model and contract with TackThis!™, an effective e-retail solution with social commerce capabilities that empowers individuals and businesses to sell across the web, social media and through mobile.

First launched in December 2016, PAYO was developed for HLM, an ecommerce platform and a leading call center business founded by Kadosh and his business partner, Liron Gross, co-founder and COO, to scale up their sales and reduce cancellations. The Philippines was the first country PAYO launched in given the growth potential of the e-commerce industry.

At present, PAYO continues to get a huge traction in the ecommerce industry as it now handles COD transactions for big brands, such as National Bookstore, Sunnies Specs and Sole Academy, among others.

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