MoneySense Live Events

•     June 26, 2010: Personal Finance for Overseas Pinoys
Money Tips & Traps for OFWs | The Automatic Overseas Investor: How to
Save and Invest Regularly and Remotely | The Great Remittance
Challenge: Comparing the Best Ways to Send Your Money Back Home | Make
Your Hard-Earned Savings Last: Business and Investment Opportunities
for Pinoys Abroad
•     September 18, 2010: Money Issues for Boomers
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Personal Finance When You’re Over 50 | The
Boomer Catchup Plan: What to Do When You’re Saving Too Little, Too
Late | Not Just a Number: A Holistic & Fun Approach to Retirement
Planning | If There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Estate Planning
Strategies to Save Money and Keep the Peace
•     November 13, 2010: Family Finance 102
Chief Family Officer: Managing Your Family Finances | The Sandwich
Generation: Supporting Your Parents and Your Children at the Same Time
| Financial Advice for Solo Parents | Work From Home: Home-Based
Businesses You Can Start

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