Money Summit & Wealth Expo

Money Summit & Wealth Expo

Tired of the rat race? Want a better life for your family? It’s time to stop working for money and start making your money work for you! Attend the Money Summit & Wealth  Expo,the BIGGEST wealth building and income opportunities conference and expo in the Philippines, featuring four proven ways to build wealth. This 2-day, whole day, super conference will happen on July 2-3, 2010 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

Money Summit & Wealth  Expo will feature 16 successful entrepreneurs, real estate gurus, best-selling authors, sales superstars, and money experts, who will talk about the different ways to get rich and specific opportunities and strategies in investing, real estate, sales, and business.

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3 thoughts on “Money Summit & Wealth Expo

  • hi. for the money summit & wealth expo, will you be accepting credit card payment for walk in?

  • Andy Amarado

    When will be the next expo ?

  • Mar Bate Jr


    How can I join the money and wealth expo?


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