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Money and children

We’re working on our “Money and Children” issue and we’re excited about it! Just to give you an idea what the next issue has to offer, here are some of the topics we’re working on:

  1. How to raise money-savvy kids: Here we interviewed experts on ways we can teach our children about handling money, from their allowance and spending to saving and investing
  2. The ABCs of homeschooling: This is a growing trend in the US and other countries. Did you know a good number of FIlipino families are also homeschooling their kids? This article will tackle the why’s and how’s of home study. Plus, I’m sure some of you might be worried that if you homeschool your kids, their socialization skills will suffer. The article will discuss that as well.
  3. Child-birth costs: Do you know how much it costs to have a normal delivery? If you’re shocked, wait till you learn how a CS operation costs!
  4. Educational plans: The pre-need industry has certainly taken a beating. I mean, from 90 plus companies, they’re now down to just a couple of dozen. And fewer Filipinos buy pre-need plans. The major reason for the debacle were open educational plans. Still, in case you still want to buy a fixed-value educational plan, this article will break down the parts of a typical plan (because, really, who understands those charts and tables?!?). And if you think you should just save on your own, we also do a comparative computation.
  5. Scholarships: We included an article on scholarships because not a lot of Filipinos really take advantage of them. I mean, you meet parents who are proud of their child’s academic achievements yet applying for a scholarship for them doesn’t cross their minds. If you think scholarships are just for “poor but deserving” students, this article will give you a better idea of the other available options.

This is just a sampling. And for you who don’t have kids (or don’t have kids yet), there are lots of articles in the upcoming issue that you’ll find interesting. Watch out for it!

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