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We love to hear from you!

We strive to make MoneySense as relevant, useful, and visually appealing to our readers. As we mark our first anniversary, we want to hear from magazine stand readers and subscribers how else we can improve the magazine.

We would appreciate it if you send a quick e-mail with your answers to the following questions. Or post a comment on this blog entry.

1. So far, which issue did you like the most? (note all letters that apply)

a. Jan-Feb 07: Amanda Griffin/Where to Invest in 2007

b. Mar-Apr 07: Ace Durano/Best Summer Destinations

c. May-Jun 07: Gary and Angeli Valenciano/Money and Marriage

d. Jul-Aug 07: Pia Cayetano/Cut Your Health Care Costs

e. Sep-Oct 07: Paolo Bediones/Millionaires’ Secrets

f. Nov-Dec 07: Christine Jacob/Holiday Shopping Guide

g. Jan-Feb 08: Ricky Carandang/Where to Invest in 2008

2. Which section of the magazine do you find the most useful? (note all letters that apply)

a. Easy Money

b. My Money Story

c. Index

d. Cover Story

e. Features

f. The Bottom Line

g. Smart Spender

h. Here’s a Final Tip

3. Which articles made the most impact on your financial life? (write as many)

4. What topics do you want us to write about in future issues? (write as many)

5. What do you like most about the magazine in general? And in what ways can we improve the magazine? (write as many)

3 thoughts on “We love to hear from you!

  • Wylene Lim

    Hi! I’m already a subscriber of your magazine for a year now. I would just like to ask if you can feature options in shopping online- the safest way possible. I have credit cards and I don’t want them exposed for online purchases. I have heard of PayPal as the safest here in the Philippines. This would be really helpful, hope this can be seen in your upcoming issues. More power!

  • Hi! I would love it if you can feature the top 10 free software for managing one’s personal finances. If this has already been featured in your previous issues, please let me know what issue and how I can purchase your back issues. Thanks! I love your magazine! Keep those great articles coming!

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