Mister Donut Philippines graciously received this trophy as the Best Donut Franchise from the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence 2014.

When it comes to pasalubong, nothing beats the smiles that greet a box of beloved Mister Donut donuts. With approximately 2,000 outlets nationwide, Mister Donut has built an exceptional franchise infrastructure that makes bringing home these delicious treats even more convenient and more satisfying for their targeted consumers. It’s no surprise then that the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence recently conferred on this standout brand as the Best Donut Franchise for 2014.

This joint undertaking of the Golden Globe Awards Council, National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services, Inc., Philippine Best Companies.Com, Inc., SINAG News Magazine and SINAG Foundation, Inc., supports this prestigious Awards and Recognition Program because it believes in companies that continually strive for commendable business performance and readily exemplify business excellence. Due to this, success can be the most likely result.

To qualify for this award, the company must engage in innovative business practices that help increase productivity. They should also be concerned about meeting their clientele’s needs and addressing their overall satisfaction. With regards to their business management, their employees should feel job fulfillment as well.

Once the company has been found compliant with these criteria, surveys are conducted via man-on-the-street and phone interviews. Focus Group Discussions are also organized to validate the information collected. The National Data Research Validating Team and the Awards Council corroborate these nominations and issue the final results.

As the most preferred choice for pasalubong, that positive Ngiting Mister Donut effect continues to share beautiful smiles around the country with each product offering. Being recognized as the Best Donut Franchise that delivers on its promises confirms what most Filipinos already know. ■


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