Insurance As Non-conventional Holiday Gift

Think of the gifts you have received in past Christmases and you would realize that most have already been forgotten or have outlived their usefulness.

Ask anyone what they would like to receive, only a number would think of insurance; which if you think hard enough, is the most sensible and dependable gift to be had not only during the holiday season but also on any occasion.

“What people should realize is that insurance is a precautionary protective measure. It can mean saving one’s properties – home, car, ensuring your children’s college education, and preserving the quality of your loved ones’ lives. There is no better time to show how much you care,” says Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia, senior vice-president and general manager, Country Bankers Insurance Group (CBIG).

CBIG has two subsidiaries: Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation (CBLIC) which started in March 1965 and Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC) established in October 1960.

A full service insurance provider of both life and non-life products, CBIG provides consumers a wide array of plans that help ensure stability, security and life protection; as well as, protection of businesses; properties and assets.

Insurance Benefits

Life insurance may offer a lifetime of protection or protection for a specific period, so beneficiaries can continue living even after a provider’s untimely demise. Insurance offers flexible terms and financial assistance to individuals and their families depending on the specific needs insured by an individual.

There are a lot of flexible policies that fit the needs of any individual or group’s situation. “When newlyweds join their lives and face financial responsibilities, their investments must be fully protected. A couple that just had a new baby or had just purchased a new home would need insurance,” Garcia explains.

“With flexible benefits, insurance can be impactful without necessarily being expensive. It’s a gift that increases in value over time, unlike tangible items that gather dust at the bin,” she adds.

One example is CBLIC’s Classic Benefit Plan, which is a whole life insurance that offers flexible payment terms and financial benefits. Premium payments can either be treated as forced savings or emergency funds as this plan earns cash values that can be used as living benefits. More importantly, beneficiaries can use proceeds from insurance to cover inheritance taxes, income replacement, and financial obligations.

Protecting children while they are young is a practical method of ensuring their future. Parents or godparents would find the Classic Benefit Plan also suitable for that need. Providing coverage for children until age 21, it is an excellent source of funds for future use – from education to emergencies or a start up fund for business and other pursuits.

Another popular plan is the Alalay sa Buhay (ASB), which provides death, accidental and burial benefits; and can be renewed annually at very reasonable premiums. ASB covers individuals or families.

“As non-traditional it may be, life insurance is a wise and caring gift for your loved ones this Christmas season. Give insurance as a gift and you will be remembered forever. This season is the best time to make that purchase. You are giving a gift of a worry-free future. What could be more caring and loving than that?” Garcia said.

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