How to File a Car Insurance Claim


How to File a Car Insurance Claim

You get into a car accident. Bummer. What do you do now?

Step 1: Call a traffic officer

Call police hotline 166 to report the accident. Then wait for a traffic officer to investigate. Of course, if it’s a serious accident involving physical injury, call for an ambulance (your insurer can help you here). Verbal admissions and assurances are not enough. Make sure you get a police report always.

Step 2: Call your insurance company

You should have the hotline of your insurer on hand (insurers usually issue a sticker or a card that you can place in your car; save that number in your cell phone as well). A representative will walk you through the process of filing a claim.

Step 3: Exchange information

Exchange contact information (name, number, address) with the other driver as well as details on the car (model, plate number) and insurance policy (name, number). If it’s a major accident, identify witnesses and ask for their names and phone numbers in case their account of the accident is needed.

Step 4: Prepare required documents

Prepare all the necessary requirements such as the police report (or your insurer’s accident report form), policy report or a notarized affidavit, photocopy your car’s official receipt and registration certificate (OR/CR), photocopy of your driver’s license and official receipt, and photos of our car (damaged portion and entire car with the license plate visible). Submit these documents to your insurer where a claims examiner then will evaluate your claim.

Step 5: Have your car fixed

If the damage is minor, you can bring your car to your insurer’s claims evaluation center, where an assistant will assess the repair cost. If it’s major, many insurance companies will have your vehicle towed to any of their accredited car repair shops, which will then assist you regarding the documents and repair of your car. Often, your insurer will simply reimburse the car shop instead of issuing you a check.

2 thoughts on “How to File a Car Insurance Claim

  • it is always advisable to get car insurance coz you may never know when you need it~,”

  • ronald11

    I am a victim of a motorcycle accident. I was hit by a motorcycle while Icrossing the street. My left leg was broken.
    When the driver filed for insurance claim from his insurer Pacific Insurance, it was denied due to late filing. According to the Pacific Insurance should have been filed within 6 mos from the date of the incident.
    can we still reverse the decision of Pacific Insurance to deny the claim?
    Please help us what to do.
    I dont want the driver to shoulder the expenses because i know it was an accident.
    I spent more than 100thousand na inutang ko lang po
    salamat sa magbibigay ng advice po

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