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How to be a Millionaire by 40: MoneySense’s Sept-Oct issue


How to be a Millionaire by 40

You’re either a gym owner, a serial entrepreneur, a dermatologist, a real estate player, a direct seller, or an insurance manager – as long as you’re determined, there is no stopping you to become a millionaire by 40.

Learn your way to a million –and more – through the stories of Gold’s Gym CEO and columnist Mylene Dayrit, serial entrepreneur Gwen De La Paz, dermatologist Dr. Theresa Tan-Pascual, real estate player Eduard Tolosa, Avon sales leader Mila Flores, and Philam Life unit manager Jeanette Fabico share in the September-October issue of MoneySense.

Also in this issue is Deputy Minority Leader and Bukidnon Representative TG Guingona (son of former Vice President Teofisto Guingona), talking about real estate, politics, and why it is important to stick our budget.

This September-October issue of the Philippines’ only personal finance magazine also carries articles about how to write your last will and testament; investing on margins; eight reasons why the gold price will rise, checking your checking account.

Also, Bank of the Philippine Islands president and CEO Aurelio Montinola III gives tips on how to cope with the continuing global and economic crisis. Read also the buyer’s guide on home theater system; saving on your electric bill, and what to do when the product you bought poses health hazards.

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One thought on “How to be a Millionaire by 40: MoneySense’s Sept-Oct issue

  • I find the financial information in Moneysense magazine very useful. That’s why I’ve been waiting for the Sept-Oct issue of Moneysense for quite some time. Everytime I go to the National Bookstore inside Robinson’s Pioneer, I always look for latest issue of the magazine. I don’t know if the Sept-Oct issue sells out fast! Or maybe they just don’t have the stocks. Perhaps I’ll have to check out whether the other magazine stores carry the latest issue. Anyway, I’m glad there’s already a new issue available.

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