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By Marvin Germo

The one word that every person, young or old, rich or poor, weak or strong aspires for is SUCCESS. It is the reason why athletes pour their entire heart during trainings. It is what drives entrepreneurs and corporate magnates to spend tireless nights just to come up with the best business proposals or deals. To leaders, it may be influencing the right people at the right time in order to achieve the best outcome. To government officials, it may be trying to turn this country around while maintaining a level of integrity. Or to the stay at home mom who would want to see her kids live out right and help them reach their God given destinies.

I believe that each person defines success differently and measure it to a different degree. But one thing is for sure, success is connected to one’s personal sense of purpose and destiny. It is never about the destination but all about enjoying the journey. It is never about the amount of money made or the amount of recognition that people get from the crowd.

It is more than that; it is something bigger than what individual see in the present. It is something that each person knows in his or her heart that he or she was created for this purpose and reason at such a time as this. Success is something that affects the people around them not just in the present but for the generations to come. It is focused on giving and not just taking, on being a blessing rather than a burden and it open doors for other people to also to do the same.

Success is connected to one’s personal sense of purpose and destiny

As the general manager of a company, LEADERSHIP AND SUCCESS SUMMIT 2012 came about through that belief and thinking. People say that one the best ways to learn is to look at the success and mistakes of others who have gone a long way and paved the way of success for people to follow. However, oftentimes people do not see the story behind the success and I want to showcase that in the summit. Leaders from different industries will be sharing their life experiences. Tony Meloto, the founder of Gawad Kalinga, who he has created house and communities for thousands of Filipinos. Commissioner Biazon one who had brought integrity, moral ascendency, and shed light into the Bureau of Customs. In entrepreneurship and business, Chef Tony the founder and president of Chef Tony’s popcorn and how he literally brought the business from the ground up. Pastor Kenneth Mulkey, Pastor of Cottonwood Church in Los Angeles, California would share how he has brought numerous people off the streets and off gangs and how he has turned multitudes of people into the right path of success. Lastly Lloyd Luna, from his humble beginnings as a kid from a simple home to an award winning authos of 8 books, an international motivation speaker, and a CEO and founder of this own brand Lloyd Luna Corp.

My point is success is not just for the rich, the educated or the privileged. It’s about people doing the best to excel and wanting to make a difference.

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