Ano ang Tang Flavor Mo sa Pasko?

Gawing Makulay ang Pasko with Your Favorite Fruit Flavors

What is the unsung hero of the Christmas table? Apart from the delicious food that’s served during Noche Buena, there is that one thing that makes celebrations more refreshing and delicious. What is it? The drinks of course! Every bite of food, every morsel of a treat is made more enjoyable when your favorite drink is close at hand, ready to complete your Christmas experience.Especially when they add color to your meals!

There’s actually a debate going on about your favorite Christmas drink. We know that colorful drinks add a special touch to any Noche Buena spread. But the question is, what fruit flavor goes best with Christmas? Tang, the delicious and refreshing powdered drink wants you to answer:  Ano ang Tang flavor mo sa Pasko? (What’s your Tang flavor for Christmas?)

The Tang Flavors of Christmas!

With many delicious fruit flavors, it’s no wonder that Tang is part of meal times for any occasion – especially Christmas. This season though, some cute and colorful fruit flavors have decided it is high time Filipinos decide once and for all – which among them makes the taste of Christmas more enjoyable?

There’s Orange of course, campaigning as the “Flavor na Tunay.” Full of positive energy, Orange is everyone’s favorite and the life of the party! He suggests, “Make me your Orange Ice Candy!”

“Hold on,” says Mango. “If you choose Mango, go lang nang go! Make me your Mango Ice Slushie!” says the adventurous flavor that’s up for any gathering and celebration.

“Guys, chill lang tayo,” says Pineapple. This cool flavor says he can let you lay back and enjoy every moment of the Holidays with a special Pineapple Lemonade drink.

“Mas Merry ang Milkshakes this Christmas with Me!” says Strawberry. Sweet, trendy, and hip, she says she’s perfect for taking selfies with!

“It’s grape to be me,” says – as you guessed it, Mr. Grape. This cool nerd knows all the right things to make your Christmas bright including making Grape Punch.

Last but certainly not the least Apple says, “You don’t have to deny. I’m the apple of your eye!” Straight to the point and straight to your taste buds! It can really make your Ice Popsies Pop!

Each one of them is asking you to choose them with a song. And it goes like this:

“Kami ang flavors of Christmas na nag-cacaroling. Sinong pipiliin? Sinong iboboto? Dapat ako!”

Who will you choose? Each one is delicious and brings something great to your holidays. Whichever one you do choose, you stand a chance of winning Christmas aguinaldo from Tang!

Join the Gawing Makulay ang Pasko voting contest. It’s easy and so delicious. Just vote for your favorite Tang flavor of Christmas on Philippines by posting a comment. Will it be Orange? Mango? Pineapple? Strawberry? Grape? Or Apple? The choice is up to you.

Winners will be chosen from votes for the winning fruit flavor. If chosen, you can be one of 25 lucky winners of a P10,000 toy shopping spree! You can also vote via the Tang Galing Club website ( or on YouTube (Tang Philippines).

Gawing makulay ang Pasko niyo with Tang!


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