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A Beginner’s Guide to Trading with Fxview

Global broker, Fxview, offers comprehensive trader education on a wide range of financial instruments to support beginner traders.

Globally recognised and regulated brokerage and a part of Finvasia Group, Fxview is a leading destination for traders starting out. Fxview offers a wide variety of financial instruments for traders to choose from, including over 400 stocks, 70 forex pairs, 11 indices, 8 commodities and 5 popular cryptocurrencies*. Fxview also provides beginners with education and market information, including a vast forex glossary, video tutorial library, the latest market news and insights and free webinars from market experts.

Fxview  is committed to enabling informed market participation for everyone through cutting-edge trading tools, flexible platforms and comprehensive educational resources. Fxview is consistently adding to their education centre and informing traders with current market moves and insights. This assists traders of all experience levels to identify possible trading opportunities for their instruments of choice.

Fxview  provides services to clients in over 180 countries and is registered with/ regulated by various  regulatory bodies worldwide, including the FSCA in South Africa and the CySEC in the EU.

The Evolution of Trading

The modern capital markets as we know them, were initially established to facilitate fund management for banks in the early 20th century. The space quickly turned into one that could easily be manipulated by those with huge investment capacity. This led to the creation of regulatory bodies worldwide to ensure investor safety and to stabilise the capital markets. In the latter years of the 20th century, technology-enabled innovation introduced electronic trading. This opened the financial markets for retail investors, who had access to information and opportunities on par with institutional investors.

The speed of evolution accelerated in the 21st century, with retail investors becoming a significant part of the forex, commodities, equities and now cryptocurrency markets. Fxview was established in 2009 with the aim of easing entry to trading and providing world-class conditions for anyone who wished to participate in the markets. Forex, the most traded decentralised market, is also the most popular one among retail traders. Fxview allowstraders to make the most of the opportunities offered by this market through comprehensive educational resources and trading via Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Fxview’s superior customer service makes the journey smooth and friction-free for beginners.

Why Trade CFDs

CFDs are derivative instruments that allow traders to use leverage to expand their market exposure. This allows traders to participate in their chosen markets without the need for a large capital base. With CFDs, traders do not own the underlying instruments. They only speculate on the future price of an asset. This allows them to make the most of opportunities in both rising and falling markets. 

However, traders must remember that trading with leverage amplifies both profit and loss potential by enhancing market exposure. This is why experienced traders use leverage wisely and implement appropriate risk management measures when placing orders.

Powering Traders with Multiple Instruments

By offering multi-asset trading from a single platform, Fxview also offers traders to seamlessly diversify their portfolio and manage risks.

Forex: Fxview provides access to a total of 70 different forex pairs for trading, including major, minor and exotic pairs.

Commodities: The most popularly traded CFD commodities, such as precious metals, oil and gas, are available for trading 24/5.

Stocks: Traders can choose from 400+ global CFD stocks, including giants such as Apple, Amazon, Sony, Target and many more.

Indices: The most traded global CFD indices, including the Nasdaq, S&P 500, Nikkei 225 and DAX 30, can be traded to gain diversified exposure to the stock markets.

Cryptocurrencies: Fxview offers resources to trade popular CFD cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

Trading Terminology Every Trader Should Know

Familiarising oneself with the market terminology eases the understanding of market reports and analyses. Fxview offers a vast forex glossary to help beginners with financial jargon. Here’s a snapshot of this abundant resource pool:

Leverage: Expressed as ratios, such as 1:100 or 1:500*, this is capital borrowed from the broker to enter a position.

Pips: The smallest price movement in the forex market is known as a pip. This price change is quoted to the fourth decimal point for most currencies, except the Japanese Yen.

Margin: This is the minimum capital a trader needs to maintain in their trading account to open a position or keep an existing position open. It is the difference between the full value of the position and the leverage used.

Stop Loss: One of the most popular risk management techniques, it involves setting a price level at which an open position will be automatically closed to limit losses.

Why Beginners Prefer Fxview

Fxview is a leading global broker with almost 15 years of experience in the financial markets. Fxview offers a comprehensive array of trading tools to power informed trading for beginners and experienced traders. 

Fxview’s best-in-class trading conditions include:

  • Zero-cost funding with multiple currencies and the most popular funding methods
  • Ultra-low commissions and tight spreads
  • Deep liquidity for lightning-fast order execution
  • Unmatched trader support over the phone, via email and chat 24/5
  • Bonuses*

Fxview brand e has won multiple awards for its products and services, including the “Best ECN/STP Broker” at UF AWARDS MEA 2023 and “Best Multi-Asset Broker Africa” from the Financial Achievements in Markets Excellency (FAME) Awards. 

Learn more about the educational resources offered by Fxview before starting your trading journey.

* Offered via Orivest (Pty) Ltd FSP 50410 (Fxview Global)”

Risk Disclaimer: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage”

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