Tips for Job Seeking Graduates

By Ruth Manimtim-Floresca

This month and the next, thousands of Filipino college students would be graduating from universities and become part of the job-seeking population. To help them succeed in their search, Ed Pilapil , Jr., CEO of Achievers Circle, Inc. and author of Career Success, the 48 Cs shares the following tips:

  1. Turn your passion into your career.

    “If you don’t, work will be a drag and simply an obligation,” explains Pilapil. “However, if you know your passion, then make a career out of it [because] your chances of excelling will be higher.” He stresses never give yourself to a career that you are not passionate about.

  2. Become an expert in your passion.

    Pilapil further reminds that it is not enough to love one’s work. “If you are content with your level of skill, then you will no longer advance. Nothing motivates more than knowing that you are making progress.” He adds that it is necessary to continuously improve on one’s skills until one becomes an expert. “This means that the best investment of your time and money is on yourself; on self-development.”

  3. Pursue the kind of working environment that suits you.

    There are people who decided to be self-employed and have made fantastic careers. On the other hand, there are those who chose to climb the rigorous corporate ladder while others joined small but growing companies where they gained the senior position in just a few years. “Big is not always good. Small is not that bad. And being self-employed has its perks,” encourages Pilapil

  4. In writing your resume, put all the experiences and skills you have.

    “Your resume must not be all academic. Many companies put value in your other productive activities and your other skills,” advises Pilapil. Under experience, he says to put in all the time you volunteered in your church, or all the time you helped a non-profit organization. “Include all the times you participated or led an event or project. Your other skills category must go beyond, ‘proficient in Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel.’ Everybody is saying that,” he expounds. “Put in your other skills such as hosting an event, or photography, or planning, or writing essays. You get the idea.”

  5. Make character your foundation and build a mindset to serve.

    Pilapil describes that excellent work ethics and integrity builds trust. “And ‘trustworthiness’ is the best foundation for ethical success. Remember that if you cannot be trusted, no one would want to hire you. If they hired you and found out that they cannot trust you, they would want to fire you. If they cannot fire you, they would not want to promote you.”

    According to Pilapil, the best companies are those who serve the customers well. The result will be customer loyalty or referral. “It is the same with your career. Join a company because you want to help it grow. Start a business to make an impact to your customers. Never cheat your customers,” he enumerates.

    Pilapil also recommends not wanting a job just for the pay check. “Desire a career to serve. If you have to answer the interview question, ‘Why do you want to work here?’ Answer in such a way that projects how sincerely you want to learn and help their company. Say, ‘I believe I have the right attitude, the willingness to learn and the desire to make a difference in your organization.’”

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