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Sun Life Launches a Free Digital Financial Organizer

Sun Life Philippines has launched the Sun Life Financial Organizer, a digital tool designed to help people better manage, plan, and protect their financial future.

The organizer is an editable file that gives users the freedom to track and control their finances and financial goals. Not only can it be personalized based on priorities, but it can also be used for logging pertinent details about one’s protection needs, health insurance, and investments. With this, they can stay on track with their financial goals, be it purchasing a family home, funding the children’s education, retiring comfortably, or traveling to a dream destination. It can also help them prepare an emergency fund, which can be used in case unexpected situations arise, such as falling ill or losing a job.

The Sun Life Financial Organizer covers three important pillars that contribute to a brighter life:

The “Life” section enables one to track the financial solutions that can help him achieve financial security, protection, and liquidity. This can provide an overall perspective on his traditional and investment-linked life insurance plans.

The “Health” section is where one can enter the financial solutions that help him live a healthier life. This includes products that offer health funds and protection in the event of medical emergencies. He can also record his critical illness products here, as well as other health protection plans that have a variety of benefits, such as hospital income.

Meanwhile, the “Wealth” section is for monitoring the financial solutions that can help fund milestones and make the most of life. This may include financial products that can assist in wealth management and estate planning, such as mutual funds and life insurance.

Those interested in becoming financially prepared in 2023 can download the Sun Life Financial Organizer for free at

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