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REX Team gets lauded at Oxford education conference

“Dexter Ngo GM REX Institute for Student Excellence, Dr. Marilyn Balagtas Director of the Center for Research & Development at Philippine Normal University and REX Book Store Managing Director Danda Buhain-Garcia.”

MANILA | During the International Conference of the International Association on Educational Assessment, a gathering of researchers and professionals in the field of education and learning technologies held in the U.K., a Filipina researcher´s presentation was cited by the conference´s keynote speaker, Dr. Arthur Graesser, as being ¨very contemporary,¨ a citation which reflects the Philippine education sector´s ongoing forays into developing 21st-century learning methods and tools for today´s young learners.

The Filipina researcher lauded at the recent conference was Dr. Marilyn U. Balagtas, current Director of the Center for Research and Development in Education at the Philippine Normal University (PNU), the country´s foremost academic institution for training future educators. As a research consultant for the REX Institute for Student Excellence (RISE), the assessment arm of REX, Dr. Balagtas has worked to help REX Book Store Inc. gain insight on the latest trends and developments in learning technologies, as well as new approaches to teaching based on education research.

The paper, entitled ¨Development and Use of the 21st Century Standards-based Assessment for the K to 12 Curriculum: Towards Building a Database for Knowledge Creation,¨ was co-authored with two RISE officials, Ms. Danda Crimelda B. Garcia and Mr. Dexter C. Ngo. It was presented to a panel composed of educators and education industry assessors at the International Association in Educational Assessment (IAEA) last Sept 14, 2018.

The paper´s core idea of building an open and shared database for assessment methods, competencies, contexts, and choices,  was noted as ¨very innovative¨ by Rachel Sperring, Session Chair of the research panel. The international conference was hosted by the Oxford University Center for Educational Assessment, with participants coming in from all over the globe.

The recognition of Dr. Balagtas´ pioneering research work on the education sector at both the local and international levels has helped REX refine its development of learning solutions for the Filipino learner. As an organization at the forefront of serving and transforming the education sector towards achieving competency in meeting the demands of the 21st century, REX shares the same commitment to excellence and forward-thinking passion.

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