Preparing a Challenging Curriculum for 21st Century Learners

When we work together to build for a better future, there are needs and problems that we have to address, especially when it comes to securing a better future for our children. Today, more than ever, there is a need to prepare young learners to participate and become engaged in a rapidly changing world.

At REX, we work to bring quality learning solutions to the young Filipino learner and help make sure that they are prepared for success in school and beyond, every step of the way. We do this by challenging them with dynamic and engaging content that help them gain a more comprehensive grasp of their curriculum.

By providing frameworks and indicators that serve as guides for proper assessment and decision making based on results, we encourage young learners and stakeholders of education to achieve a set of strategic and evidence-based goals and outcomes. From both the public and private spheres, every activity that a young learner engages in, whether it is extracurricular, co-curricular, or community-based, should be designed as experiences that would later on influence and shape their success in higher education, for their careers, and for their role as citizens of our nation.

Based on the Whole Child approach, we involve everyone in the community and foster an open and free environment for learning. This way, a challenging curriculum can be promoted, where every instruction provides equal opportunity for learners to hone their critical thinking and reasoning skills, problem-solving competency, and proficiency with technology. This holistic approach also means that schools are encouraged to collect and make sound use of both qualitative and quantitative data crucial to supporting the academic excellence and personal growth of every young learner.

While a challenging learning environment would mean that the curriculum, instruction, and assessment have a higher degree of expectation for every learner, it must also be balanced with an insight into how the education they receive today will reflect and shape their lifelong success. The result is a young learner whose achievements as an individual and as a responsible citizen are blended with global awareness and competencies, and a deep appreciation of language, history, and culture.

Through our efforts with the Whole Child Approach, we hope to shift the focus of education from strictly academic achievement and extend our understanding of holistic learning into one that sets sight on each young learner’s long-term development and success. We do this by involving everyone: teachers, schools, parents, communities, and the young learners themselves, all working together to make the process of learning an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

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