Points to ponder in the preparing your dream house

By Boyet Tejuco

Preparation for future homeowners is almost like planning for a wedding. It can be time-consuming and demanding, but not unmanageable. A great deal of time should be spent on planning and research.

1. Decide on your priorities
Especially for first time homeowners, ask yourself: How important is the house I’m planning to build? Is this really my dream house? Or am I planning to build something bigger and better?

Arch. Antonio V. Turalba, Jr., president of real estate office, Active Group, Inc., notes, “There are usually two types of home owners: the one who will settle for a small but ‘complete’ house or the one who would opt to have a big house and work piece by piece on the details. This is a common practice among medium class subdivisions inside and along the outskirts of Metro Manila.”

In this case, there is no right or wrong answer; it is a matter of choice. However, keep in mind that your priorities will have a lasting effect in your family’s lifestyle.

2. Do your research and be open to new information

Concerning the lot, familiarize yourself with local standards and laws. Design of any type of construction conforms to governing laws and regulation set by national and local government and other applicable governing bodies like the homeowners association of a subdivision. These materials are public documents and are readily available.

Prepare yourself also for the bureaucratic red tape when applying for building permits and legal documents. Avoid them by accomplishing all forms properly and submitting complete requirements.

By hiring a contractor, the owner may opt to pass on the responsibilities of applications. However, much of these documents like the tax declaration and others will still be coming from owner.

Educate yourself about construction as you go through the process. This will be your home. You should know it inside out.

3. Set your goals and expect the unexpected
In building your dream house, do not settle for second best. The best car or mobile phone in the market took months and even years of studies. The same degree of attention and industry should be set when building houses which may cost millions.

Building construction requires resources. During the design development phase, study your options very well before deciding. Set realistic goals to ease decision-making. If you’ve decided to pursue your dream house, you’re bound to choose the best and affordable materials. If you want it big and have the patience to work on the house piece by piece, you can work on the house phase by phase. You may choose to delay the painting of the exterior walls by working on one room at a time.

Decide on a system which is most convenient to you. Ask for a second opinion if you have to. When construction begins, keep in mind that any alteration means delay, additional work, and cost.

During construction and even its completion, problems do come. For one, the prices of some construction materials tend to change. Unforeseen problems happen so don’t put yourself under too much stress.

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